10 Amazing Benefits of Giloy Powder

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'Giloy' also known as 'Guduchi' is one among the useful branches in Ayurveda. Giloy helps one to resolve various forms of health as well as skin issues. It is a helpful plant to recover from health hazards like diabetes, arthritis, anxiety, respiratory problems, and many such. Therefore the Ayurveda also abbreviates this plant as 'Amrut' which means immortal. Giloy can be consumed in various forms like capsules and powder too, according to the suitability of the individual. Let us have a peek into the different beneficial points of Giloy powder:

1. Cleanses toxins from the body - Accumulation of toxins can be dangerous or hazardous for our health. It disturbs the natural functioning of our body and leads to the occurrence of various other ailments like coughing, sneezing, fever, stomach disorders, and many such. Hence a proper diet along with the appropriate amount of activity is necessary to stay at a bay from the accumulation of toxins in our body. 

Ayurveda states that Giloy helps to flush out the toxins as well as undigested material from our bodies. It boosts up the metabolism and helps to ease this function. It naturally helps one to keep our body protected internally and clear the waste and unwanted stuff out, which hampers our health and accumulates toxins within. Only consuming 2 to 3 grams of Giloy powder with water is helpful to detoxify our body naturally without the risk of any side-effects. One can easily find Giloy or Guduchi powder at any medical or Ayurvedic shop. 

2. Boosts Immunity

Built-up immunity is one of the essential requirements of our body. Our immune system is a shield to protect us from various forms of diseases that can hamper an individual and ruin one's health. Immunity can be built-up by a proper and nutritious diet along with a healthy lifestyle. Hence these two negligible factors can work wonders when followed up healthily. 

Giloy has anti-oxidant properties that help our cells to stay protected from free radicals too. The powder helps to boost our immune system by protecting our bodies from various forms of infections. It has proved helpful to cure conditions like chronic fever, stomach infections, and even skin infections. It has also been found that preparing a Giloy powder tea can help one to get rid of any chronic stomach ailments. The tea can be made easily by adding 1 to spoons of Guduchi powder in boiling water along with black pepper, cumin seeds, and a dash of honey for a sweet flavour. 

3. Cures Stomach-Ulcer

Stomach-ulcer though might not sound a severe issue but can be hazardous if not cured within time. It is a condition when the thick layer of protective mucus is damaged which disturbs our digestive system. Conditions like: can identify it

  • Untimely vomiting
  • Stomach ache
  • Easily feeling full
  • Fever
  • Irregular weight loss
  • Heartburn
  • Acid reflux

It can happen due to infection or the accumulation of toxins within our body. Under such conditions, one can adapt to natural ways as well to cure the symptom. 

Giloy is a natural anti-oxidant, helps to clear all the infectious and unwanted waste from our body. It helps to clear the harmful Ama or toxins from our body. Guduchi also has anti-inflammatory properties which help one to get rid of stomach ulcers. Consuming daily one-teaspoon of Giloy powder with honey proves to be helpful to heal stomach-ulcers naturally without the intake of any fake medicines. 

4. Helpful for Arthritis 

Arthritis is a condition when an individual is not able to move his joints or muscles freely. It can happen to any individual irrespective of their age or gender. High inflammation is also one of the issues for arthritis. Hence under such scenarios, Giloy powder can be essential to cure the symptom. Consuming one spoon of Giloy powder along with dried ginger powder is proven to be helpful to cure Rheumatic Arthritis. 

Giloy helps to lower the swelling and stiffness caused due to arthritis. It naturally reduces the high amount of uric acid, which is the main cause of rheumatic arthritis as well as gout. The anti-inflammatory property of Guduchi steadily and gradually lowers the pain and symptoms of arthritis. Hence it is one of the high used components according to Ayurveda to cure the symptom. 

5. Lowers Diabetes

Giloy is known as 'Madhunashini' in Ayurveda which means 'the component that destroys sugar'. Giloy is one of the most beneficial and natural herbs that lower sugar and heal diabetes. It helps in the production of insulin which is a necessary procedure to control diabetes. Giloy is also anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic. Giloy also aids digestion which is an essential key to lower higher blood sugar levels. 

It also burns the excess glucose level, which acts as a barrier to increasing sugar levels. Giloy is also known to act like a hypoglycemic agent for our body which helps to cut down the excess sugar level. It is advised to add one spoonful of Giloy powder in a cup of water and leave it overnight and drink it on an empty stomach. This remedy is one of the helpful ways to cure diabetes. 

6. Cures Respiratory Disorders

Chronic cold or cough leads to the accumulation of mucus which in turn blocks our nasal and respiratory tract. It makes us feel uncomfortable and may lead to fever too. Asthma is also a respiratory condition that does not allow an individual to breathe with ease. All these respiratory conditions can be healed with the help of Guduchi. It is believed to be one of the best Ayurvedic remedies to cure such disorders. It is a helpful herb to cure the upper respiratory tract infections as well. Hence Giloy has been used in Ayurveda to treat respiratory problems for ages. 

It is helpful to clear the accumulated mucus in the respiratory tract and heal the disorder naturally. It is useful to balance any form of imbalances in our body which is also known as 'Dosha' in Ayurveda. The component also aids to cure conditions like hay fever that might be caused due to seasonal allergies. 

7. Improves Sexual Health

Sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, nightfall, impotence, and various other disorders can be cured with the help of Giloy. It helps to lower the symptoms of sexual disorders like stress, diabetic conditions, and many such. Hence consuming Giloy powder can help one to replace the harmful sexual improvement supplements for a healthier and Ayurvedic option. 

People who have impotence from a more extended period can use this herb for natural and positive results. The herb also cures nightfall which experienced by many people. The plant is also known as a natural 'Aphrodisiac' agent that helps in improving the sexual life of an individual. Hence it is one of the natural agents to cure such a form of least discussed and least attention seeker disorder. 

8. Cures skin diseases

This multi-purpose herb can also be used to cure skin infections like eczema and psoriasis. These skin conditions form a thick layer of flaky skin which irritates and burns at times as well. It also leads to itching of skin which causes its reddening. Hence all these conditions and symptoms of skin diseases are cured with the help of this essential component. 

Giloy's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial nature help one to stay protected from all forms of skin issues. It is one of the ancient Ayurvedic and natural remedies to cure such a kind of disorder. 

Consumption of Guduchi powder along with various other skin-efficient herbs helps one to get rid of flaky skin. Hence it is a highly practiced form of remedy to cure skin issues. 

9. Cures Inflammation

Inflammation is a health condition during which an individual faces heat, pain, and lower functionality of the body. This condition also damages the cells of our body. Giloy being an anti-oxidant herb helps an individual to stay protected from such forms of health conditions. The herb is also anti-inflammatory, which helps one to cure the symptoms of inflammation such as excessive heat in our body and pain. 

There are times when we feel a burning sensation in our throat due to the production of excessive acid in our body. This can happen due to an imbalance of food in our bodies. Under such circumstances, one can consume Ayurvedic Giloy powder to cool down the burning sensation and exhale the toxic components from our body. 


10. Heals fever

Fever is a common health condition that can happen due to various reasons such as environmental changes, changes in eating habits, improper medication, or various other reasons. These health conditions can be cured with the help of proper medication and a healthy change in eating and lifestyle habits. One of the vital aspects to cure fever is to protect the immunity of our body. 

Guduchi is considered to be one of the best components in Ayurveda to protect our body from various health disorders and act as a protective shield for our internal system. Hence it is highly used by people for a healthier and a natural option.  



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