10 Benefits of Yashtimadhu Powder You Should Know.

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Despite prolonged treatments and consequential huge expenses, the modern allopathic medications and drugs often fail to deliver the desired results for the patients. In result; many people are falling back on traditional medications and treatments; especially on ayurvedic treatments. Reasons for this trend is that ayurvedic medications and drugs are prepared using herbs and plant parts and products without any harmful chemicals or synthetic elements due to which they do not have any adverse impact on the health of the consumer. In addition; ayurvedic products are much less expensive in comparison to modern medicines.

Having a look at the 10 Benefits of Yashtimadhu Powder would be useful for making an informed decision about buying Yasthimadhu or licorice powder.

  1. Yasthimadhu Powder renders multiple health benefits: Yashtimadhu powder is anti-inflammatory as well as anti-oxidant in nature. It is useful for the treatment of peptic ulcers, can address dental infections, and can also be beneficial in treating upper respiratory tract infections. In addition; the powder is good for protecting the liver, brain, and heart because it can fight atherosclerosis, diabetes, hot flashes, and lower cholesterol. While the powder is beneficial for general health improvements, it is most effective in treating skin related problems.
  2. Yasthimadhu Powder can balance Vata and pitta: One of the 10 Benefits of Yashtimadhu Powder is that it can balance Vata and pitta in the anatomy due to its cooling effects. Loss of balance in Vata and pitta can result in multiple ailments and use of the powder brings back the immune system on track restoring the balance in vata and pitta.
  3. Yasthimadhu Powder is used to mask bitter tastes of ayurvedic products: Yasthimadhu powder as a sweet taste and due to such sweetness it is used to mask the tastes of bitter herbs. However, it has much more to offer than just only adding flavor. Its use in preparation of traditional medicine is extensive in India, China, and Iran among others. For example; the powder helps stress management as well as treatment of gastric ulcers.
  4. Yasthimadhu Powder helps address infections in the upper respiratory tract: Yasthimadhu or licorice powder has excellent capabilities of easing the congestion in the upper respiratory tract. It also prevents infections in respiratory tracts as it has the following properties. The powder is anti-inflammatory in nature. It has anti-allergenic properties.The product is antiviral. It contains glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid that is beneficial for anti-infections in the respiratory tract. The powder contains licoricidin, glycerine, glycerol, and glycycoumarin that can fight bacteria causing upper respiratory tract infections. 
  5. Yasthimadhu Powder prevents oral infections: Yasthimadhu powder has proved extremely beneficial for addressing issues relating to the widespread oral disease like aphthous ulcers. Use of the powder can reduce the healing time of the ulcers considerably. The powder has bioactive properties that help in treating oral ailments like – Dental caries, Tooth decay, Periodontitis or gum diseases; and
    Fungal infections of the mouth. Since the powder enhances saliva production it also cleanses as well as re-mineralizes teeth and also creates antibacterial effects preventing pathogens from infected teeth and gums. However, continuous use of the powder is not advisable and the period of use should depend on the physician’s advice. For quick relief, the use of Yasthimadhu powder is highly beneficial.
  6. Yasthmadhu Powder improves memory power: An important benefit among the 10 Benefits of Yashtimadhu Powder is that it can substantially improve the memory power of the consumer. It also helps protect the brain and that is why it is extensively used in numerous ayurvedic medicines. Memory improvement and brain protection are ensured due to the presence of flavonoid glabridin in the powder. The beneficial effects can also improve such features in diabetic patients. Scientific research has revealed that glycyrrhizin in the powder can help in treating Alzheimer’s disease that brings up cognitive deficits as well as neuroinflammation.
  7. Yasthimadhu Powder helps stress relief: Yasthimadhu powder can help in stress relief by revitalizing the brain. Yasthimadhu also was known as Mulethi helps blood circulation and improve the nervous system in human anatomy. That is why it is so useful in relaxing and calming the patients experiencing stress and strain.
  8. Yasthimadhu Powder helps in controlling diabetic symptoms: One of the amazing characteristics of Yasthimadhu powder is that it can effectively help in controlling hunger and thirst. By controlling these two of the main symptoms of diabetes the powder can effectively assist in addressing the disease. Polydipsia or excessive thirst is the major symptom of diabetes and use of Yasthimadhu powder can reduce thirst by 45% and consequently addresses the problems of frequent urination. Moreover, the powder can also reduce hyperphagia or excessive hunger that is another major impact of diabetes by 20%. That is why it is used as a diabetic deterrent.
  9. Yasthimadhu Powder helps reduction of menopausal hot flashes: Due to its estrogenic properties help reduction in menopausal hot flashes. Use of the ayurvedic product not only reduce the instant of such hot flashes but also reduces the frequency of its occurrences. It is also a natural product that offers a milder form of treatment used in the reduction of menopausal hot flashes.
  10. Yasthimadhu Powder can counter skin problems: For treating and clearing acne rushes to improve the complexion herbal paste made with Yasthimadhu powder is used. It can also lighten the scars, marks, as well as pigmentation problems. To increase its effectiveness, Yasthimadhu powder is combined with honey instead of water to develop a facial past as it has proved beneficial in the past for treating all facial problems including pimples. Thus external use of Yasthimadhu powder and honey can result in naturally glowing skin.


These are not all. Internal use of Yasthimadhu powder can also help in addressing ailments like peptic ulcer and stomach pain with burning sensations. The powder can be used for the treatment of gastric as well as a duodenal ulcer. Moreover, the potent antioxidant effects of the powder render cardiovascular health benefits. The product can protect the liver and ease mucus levels as well. It is also one of the ayurvedic products that can be used internally and externally. It is, however, necessary approaching a reliable provider that will offer a genuine product at a reasonable price. In any case, the above information on 10 Benefits of Yashtimadhu Powder will help the buyer to make an informed decision in buying and using Yasthimadhu powder.



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