10 Easy Ways to Fight Cholesterol Without any Side effects

Posted by Ayur Space on
Cholesterol is a known devil. 
Here are 10 ways to fight cholesterol and keep your heart healthy. Make these 10 super food part of your daily diet. Regular use will show lower blood pressure levels and increase in good cholesterol.

1. Garlic: We use garlic in lot many ways, without knowing that it is one of the best friend of heart. Start taking 2 -3 raw garlic cloves with water early in the morning. Have it in the morning before meal.

2. Legumes: Add all kind of beans in your daily food. 50g a day is sufficient.

3. Nuts: Switch to nuts. 50g a day is sufficient. You can have walnuts, almonds and cashew.

4. Flaxseed: Take 10g - 20g daily.

5. Fish: Twice a week eat fish. All kinds are fine. If you are a vegetarian... you can take cod liver oil capsules - two daily.

6. Olive Oils: Use 5ml olive oil, sesame oil or almond oil in salad dressings.

7. Brown Rice: Switch to brown rice immediately.

8. Ghee or Clarified Butter: 5g daily. This will add to good cholesterol levels.

9. Exercise/play: Start doing cardio exercise daily.

10. Sleep: 7 - 8 hours sleep is must.

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