5 Amazing Benefits of Giloy

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Ayurveda- a deep science of various home remedies is considered to be the best doctor in-universe. It has deeply hidden secrets that are yet to be revealed by individuals. People believe that Ayurveda has the answer to all our physical or mental problems. May the obstruction be related to physical or mental it has worked wonders in every way. It consists of the use of various plants, herbs, or even edible things we eat are also utilized as an important component of healing a human. The plants, which we consider just a mere portion to control our environment or just to balance the consistency of oxygen into our environment also have medicinal properties to heal a human. Ayurveda is the power to properly utilize each plant by its best and give the most of it to the science of healing and curing humans.

There are many plants and trees included in the queue of being useful from an Ayurvedic point of view. The coconut tree is also known as ‘Kalpavriksha’ which means of many uses, had been named so because of its multi-purpose use. May it be the leaf of the tree or the root, each and every part of the Coconut tree has a specific use. In the same manner, ‘Giloy’ is a multipurpose plant as well. May it be the root of the plant or the leaf; it is completely utilized for its medicinal purposes. There are many such trees and plants like Giloy which are rear heard about but are the magical components in the history of Ayurveda. It is a plant with green color heart-shaped leaves. It is a veil that is considered to be beneficial if it gets the support of another plant. For instance, it can be considered more beneficial if it gets the support of Neem or a Coconut tree. Giloy is a veil that just not has medicinal purposes but can also be used to beautify and decorate our house gardens as well.

Let us have a look at some of the beneficial points of Giloy from Ayurvedic point of view:

  1. Cures Fever

The human body is prone to many forms of diseases because of various reasons. The reasons such as dirt, dust, pollution, environmental imbalance, and many more to be named can affect a human’s immune system and weaken it. People immediately rush to a doctor or a hospital to get their problem cured. But Ayurveda is a remedy that not only heals a physical problem but also ensures to cure it by its root. Giloy is considered to be Anti-Pyretic in nature and hence helps a person suffering from recurring fever. A person suffering from fever repeatedly at times is advised to consume medications made out of Giloy. It is also helpful and is used in case of fever that happened due to Dengue, Malaria, or Swine Flu. Such patients can also use Giloy to cure the illness. 



  1. Helpful in Digestion

The digestive system also weakens at times just like our immune system at times because of the improper food habits we follow. Therefore one should be careful about the food we eat as it is a way we treat our body. Unhealthy and junk food increases the fat quotient of our body further leading to the accumulation of junk in our body. It can be lethal for a human. Hence one should eat healthily and live a stress-free life. Giloy is among those beneficial components which not only help us to stay healthy but also helps in maintaining our digestive system. A glass of juice made up by mixing a spoonful of Amla powder and Giloy powder works wonders for our digestion. Giloy is also helpful to increase the blood platelet count of our body. It is considered as one of the best components to healing our bowel movements as well. 


  1. Manages Diabetes

Diabetes is accounted for as one of the major health problems a human is suffering from. It is also a difficult task to get relieved from diabetes. It not just affects our sugar levels but also opens up ways for various other health problems. Health issues like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, breathing problems, and various other diseases, are the first ones to affect a human body. Giloy is a major component to help reduce high sugar levels in the case of diabetes. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well. The Ayurvedic leaves help to produce insulin in the body. To get instant relief from diabetes and keep a control on it one can also opt for this helpful juice recipe:

  • In a blender add Giloy leaves and stem.
  • Add water to it and blend the components.
  • Strain the mixture and add a few drops of lemon to it.
  • Drink this mixture every morning to have a look at the effective results. 


  1. Lowers Anxiety Level

The work schedule of any individual today can be titled as hectic or tedious without giving a second thought. People have started neglecting their health because of the increasing workload. Skipping meals, improper food habits, irregular timings for meals, are all the indications of improper attention towards our lifestyle. These habits add to the stress level faced by the individual. To lower it down one needs a relaxed and calmed down atmosphere. Meditation and a proper lifestyle are all we need for a relaxed environment. Giloy is also a healthy component to lower our stress levels. It contributes towards lowering our stress and anxiety. It has anti-oxidant properties which help to remove the toxins from our body. It also helps one to boost their memory.


  1. Enhances Eyesight

is also used to improve as well as increase the diminishing eyesight. It helps one to improve our eyesight and maintain our eye health. Its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help one to improve one’s vision and keep our vision healthy and clear. One can also make use of this remedy to enhance their vision:

  • Boil water in a vessel.
  • Add a spoonful of Giloy powder to it.
  • Allow the water to cool down.
  • Apply this water on eyelids and let it work its wonders.

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