5 Ashwagandha Home Remedies For Vigor, Fatigue, and Tiredness

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Ashwagandha’ a medicinal herb used by ancient times is one of the best herbs to cure numerous problems. May the problem is internal or external the herb has always worked wonders for the one using it. The medicinal herb is useful for a variety of reasons. May one needs a glowing skin, a break from the work to relax the mind, or for males facing any sexual problems, Ashwagandha has always been there with an alley of answers to clear out the obstructions. The herb has always worked well and has no side-effects at all.


The herb works differently in different situations. Being natural and herbal it cures the problem without any side effects There are various benefits of Ashwagandha, listed below are few of them to name:
 It is one of the best medicinal herbs
 It helps to reduce blood sugar levels
 Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
 Lowers the cholesterol level of the body
 Aids brain functioning and memory
The herb is a helpful one to cure various other problems of a human body. If used as a carrier component, it can be used in many of the homemade remedies to cure problems like vigor, tiredness, and various sort of allergies.
Let us have a look at the various remedies made up of Ashwagandha to keep the vigor sustained in our body.



#1. Mixing one teaspoon of the medicinal herb in warm milk helps one to gain natural energy. This advantageous drink helps one to be fresh and active all day long and be fresh and rejuvenated. The Ashwagandha drink helps one to stay alert at work and keep mind relax and stress-free too. This drink provides the required energy and helps one to gain all the essentials required for a healthy body.

#2. Another recipe suggests mixing half a teaspoon of Ashwagandha with one tablespoon of honey, and half a teaspoon of ghee. It is advised to consume this mixture two times a day, mostly in the dawn and by 2 pm or 3 pm in noon. This mixture helps one to keep their energy sustained and stay rejuvenated. It is an essential remedy to keep one stay healthy in a natural way without the use of chemical supplements or energy boosters.

#3. Another energy drink which helps one to stay active and filled up all day long includes a mix of Ashwagandha powder along with any leafy vegetable, an apple, coconut water or any fruit juice, along with some chia seeds, makes a great drink. This delicious drink allows one to stay rejuvenated all day long.


The herb is not just helpful to keep one stay energetic all day long, but it also helps to keep one’s tiredness at bay too. The herb supplements one to stay active, which helps one to perform their work with much energy and enthusiasm.
Let us have a look at few of the recipes of Ashwagandha that helps one stay active and enthusiastic all day:

#1. Consuming Ashwagandha powder along with Maca powder, Cardamom powder, cashews, and few more nuts helps one to be at a bay from tiredness. This powdery mixture acts as the best energy supplement without the use of any chemical or harmful ingredient.

#2. Mixing Ashwagandha along with almond milk, Greek yogurt, coconut oil, cinnamon, honey, and some bananas turn out to be a perfect smoothie to start the day. It tastes the best and aids one to get the perfect start of the day.

Ashwagandha can also be allergic to a few people. Though it may have many herbal and natural fringes, it may also work around the table and harm a person if taken without the consultation of an ayurvedic doctor though the herb helps to keep the sugar level under control. However, if consumed in an unadvised quantity, it may lower the sugar level below the required belt and may harm a person drastically. Hence one should not use the herb without complete and proper consultation of a doctor. One can also consider other popular ayurvedic medicines for treating chronic fatigue here.


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