5 Easy to Do Daily Tips to Cure Piles at Home | Updated 2020

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Piles or Hemorrhoids is a health condition in which an individual's anal area is covered by a thick layer of tissue which consists of blood. This blood might spill out while the person urinates. Hence people get scared of it in their initial stages. But one does not need to get stressed about it, as the situation can be cured with the help of medicines easily available in the market. One can also cure the symptom with the help of remedies that can be prepared easily with the ingredients available at home. Let us peep into some:

 1. Triphala Powder

Triphala powder is made up of three ingredients namely Amla, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. The powder is considered to be the best solution to cure gastrointestinal problems which is the first cause of piles. This problem further rises and opens up enormous gates for various other health issues. Hence it is advised for piles and gastrointestinal patients to consume 4 spoons full of powder along with hot water before bedtime. This helps one to stay at a bay from constipation and avoid the formation of the thick layer around the anus.

 2. Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used as a multi-purpose ingredient. It can be used for consumption as well as for the external application. This ingredient is anti-inflammatory which is helpful to get rid of piles. It helps to avoid the formation of a thick layer which helps to reduce the pain. The person may not feel pain while urinating or passing stools. Hence it is advised by doctors to mix 3ml of castor oil in milk and consume it. One can also apply castor oil on the affected area to lower the pain and discomfort.

 3. A Light Dinner

Though one might be suffering from piles or not one should always have a light dinner. It helps one to maintain their health and stay away from being constipated. Constipation is the major reason for the formation of piles. Therefore one should have a light and a low fibre meal. Fibre causes a bulk formation of stool which makes it difficult for the person to pass it easily. Therefore a low fibre diet is suggested to a piles patient. Also, it is advised to follow a no spice diet which is another vital step to be followed. Spicy diet leads to inflammation in the body which might make the individual discharge blood-filled faeces. Therefore diet also plays a crucial role to cure piles.

 4. High water intake

Having 8 to 10 glasses of water is advised to every person for a healthy body and so to a piles patient as well. It helps one to have a healthy bowel movement which is the biggest step to get rid of piles. It flushes and cleanses out the toxic substances from our body which might include the thick tissue forming muscles as well. Therefore having an ample amount of water is the best key to keep our body clean and hydrated.

5. Taking Salads

Salads are the best and the healthiest part of our meal. This raw portion of food is helpful to give strength and important nutrients to our body. Ingredients like cucumber and carrot are the nutritious ingredients that help one to keep their gut healthy. Cucumbers majorly consist of water that helps one to feel the body light and active and also to avoid any kind of pressure on the anal area.

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