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A flat belly is every girl's dream. There are a lot of asanas, exercises and diet plans to help you do that. But what if, you don't have much time or you need extra to see quick results.

Here are 5 simple home remedies that can take care of the little extra you need to reduce your belly fat by boosting your metabolism and cleaning the gut. 

Cleaning the Gut: Many times we overlook this part of the business when planning for a diet plan or heavy exercise routine.   It is important for your gut to be cleaned every day to make you feel light, have better appetite and digestion/absorption of food. Here are few age-old simple home remedies.

# 1. Take 1/2 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate (khaane wala soda) & a pinch of asafoetida

with warm water before sleep.

# 2. Have a bowl full of spinach or radish soup in the night.


High Metabolism: You may have seen people who eat quite a lot but do not gain weight that easily. While there are others, who may be eating one or two chapatis in a day but still are heavier in weight. That suggests that not food is every time a real culprit. High metabolism takes a role here. Metabolism is basically called the function of chemicals that occurs within the body to maintain life and functioning of the body parts. Digestion is one such crucial part of metabolism. Some quick remedies to boost it.

# 3. Take dry ginger powder, ajwain & jeera in the same quantity. Dry roast it for 2 mins. Ground it and have a tablespoon early morning, daily for 2 -3 months.

# 4. Take 1/4 tablespoon of turmeric on alternate days with milk, before bed. This will remove all kind of infections within the body and boost metabolism.


Eat foods that also consumes body energy:  Most often, a good diet is a mix of high protein, vitamins, and superfoods. Interestingly, these diet plans take little energy from our body to digest. So, we don't just add energy in the form of food but also save energy by not spending enough efforts to digest. Therefore, by adding some basic foods to your diet plan, you will allocate more work to your belly and gut. 

# 5. Add tough foods like roasted grams, ragi, lentils, whole wheat or boiled rice to your diet. Do not avoid them.

Try these simple rules and enjoy the benefits. 


You can also eat Kimchi for extra metabolism boosting probiotic food. Read the recipe  Kimchi - A perfect probiotic recipe for your gut.

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