50 Natural Ayurvedic Beauty Tips

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Ayurveda is not just healthy for our bodies but also our skin. Hence many people have a huge inclination towards herbal and homemade remedies for skin. one of the biggest advantages of herbal and Ayurvedic remedies is that they do not cause any side-effects until the person is not allergic to any ingredient. Let us have a look at some of the herbal and Ayurvedic remedies to keep our hair, skin, and body naturally beautiful and healthy.

Tips for Body

Tip 1

To have a naturally smooth and soft body practice Abhyanga at least thrice a week. Abhyanga is self-massage with the help of sesame or any other oil. This will help you to ditch your moisturizer and get a naturally glowing and soft body. 

Tip 2

After a long and stressful day, one needs relaxation and there’s no better way than having a relaxing and soothing hot water bath. To have a relaxing and calming bath one can add a few drops of essential oil in the hot bathing water along with Epson salt. This helps to pull the stress and tiredness from your muscles and allow the body to feel light and rejuvenated. 

Tip 3

Gharshana is an Ayurvedic scrub for the whole body. The procedure involves dry and gently scrubbing of the skin for the removal of od dead skin and blackheads or whiteheads found on the face. This method helps to get rid of germs and bacteria found on our skin naturally without the help of any chemical-based products. 

Tip 4

Use a neem-based natural and organic soap to avoid the body odor naturally. One can also apply rosewater after bathing on the body for natural fragrance. 

Tip 5

To get rid of body acne one can start their day with fresh Amla juice. It helps to get rid of toxins from the avoid body breakouts like acne and pimples over the body. 

Tips for Face

Tip 6

Applying a mixture of besan, curd, and rosewater is one of the best homemade packs for a naturally glowing skin. 

Tip 7

People suffering from oily skin can apply a paste made by mixing Fullers Earth and rose water. This naturally helps to absorb all the unwanted oil from the face. 

Tip 8

To get rid of face spots naturally and with a quicker pace apply the paste of grounded chickpea on the face. 

Tip 9

For a healthy and glowing face naturally, apply a paste of Manjistha and rose water. This can be an easy replacement of skin lightening creams loaded with skin harming bleach available in the market.

Tip 10

Start your day with a natural toner by spraying rose water on the face. Or one can also apply natural water made by mixing cucumber and mint paste. 

Tip 11

People suffering from open pores can apply ice on their faces for healthy and natural results. 

Tip 12

Applying natural aloe vera paste helps to keep the skin soft, smooth, and supple. One can also apply aloe vera gel cubes during summers for a healing and soothing effect. 

Tip 13

The oatmeal face mask is one of the best and antioxidant face masks helpful to absorb all the oil and dirt from face naturally. 

Tip 14

Make a quick and on the go scrub by cutting a tomato into half and rub it on the face along with sugar. 

Tip 15

Massage face with Jojoba Oil for healthier and glowing skin. 

Tips for Hair

Tip 16

Rub fresh aloe vera gel on the scalp for dandruff free and healthy hair.

Tip 17

Apply Castor Oil for healthy, shiny, and thick hair. It also helps to reduce hair fall and hair breakage. 

Tip 18

Bhingraj Oil is another healthy and hair-friendly oil for the hair. It helps with quick and healthy hair growth. 

Tip 19

Try a natural hair spa at home by mixing curd and eggs and applying the mixture on hair for 30 minutes. Later wash hair with a mild and natural shampoo. 

Tip 20

Try to include Amla in your diet for healthy hair growth. This rich in vitamin C ingredient helps in healthy and quicker hair growth.

Tip 21

Massage head with Brahmi Oil. It helps in healthy hair growth along with calming the nerves of the brain and helping to avoid a headache. 

Tip 22

Mix aloe vera, honey, and coconut oil for a natural and healthy hair mask. Allow to rest the mask for about 30 minutes and wash it off for stronger and shinier hair. 

Tip 23

Add vitamin E capsules and few drops of essential oil in your hair oil and massage hair for healthy and quicker hair growth. 

Tip 24

Ditch harmful and chemical-based hair colors available in the market. Instead, apply henna on your hair for naturally colored hair. 

Tip 25

Lower the use of hair styling equipment to avoid the harsh effect of heat emitted by the product. 

Tips for Oral Care 

Tip 26

Apply the strawberry paste on teeth directly or one can also apply it along with your regular toothpaste for naturally shining and white teeth.

Tip 27

Practice Gandhush or Oil Pulling for healthier gums and teeth. It also helps to keep the mouth bacteria-free. 

Tip 28

Scrap your tongue in the morning while brushing teeth. It helps to avoid the growth of bacteria in the mouth and tongue. 

Tip 29

Mix bentonite clay and baking soda to make a healthy and natural toothpaste.

Tip 30

After a meal chew fennel seeds to avoid odor from your mouth. 

Tips for Healthy Feet

Tip 31

To make a natural pedicure at home in a bucket of hot water add Epsom salt, rock salt, or normal salt. Soak your feet in the water for a soothing effect and clean feet.

Tip 32

Massage feet with any oil and cover them with socks to heal cracked heels. 

Tip 33

Massage feet with oil in the upward direction for smoother and shinier feet.

Tip 34

Try to keep the feet covered with socks during winters to avoid cracked heels.

Tip 35

Rub lemon peel or lemon on nails for white and shiny nails.

Tips for a Healthy Gut

Tip 36

Start your day with lemon water to flush out the toxins naturally from the body.

Tip 37

Avoid junk and unhealthy food for healthy and smooth digestion.

Tip 38

Avoid too much spicy and oily food to avoid constipation.

Tip 39

Try to add a bit of bitter food in your diet to keep the diet balanced and complete.

Tip 40

Drink ginger tea for a healthy and natural gut.

Tip 41

Consume hot carom seed water to get instant relief from a stomach ache. 

Tip 42

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet that are seasonal to maintain the balance of doshas in the body.

Tip 43

Include at least 3 to 4 tablespoons of ghee in your diet regularly to avoid all forms of stomach and digestion issues. 

Tip 44

Berries are a healthy option to much on as they are full of antioxidants.

Tip 45

Try to munch on seeds like flaxseeds or sunflower seeds to avoid unhealthily and junk munching.

Tips for a Healthy Diet

Tip 46

Adopt salads instead of high-fat foods to keep the body and skin healthy.

Tip 47

Avoid too much of oily food to keep skin glowing and avoid skin breakouts like acne and pimples.

Tip 48

Ditch high sugar or salty foods to avoid bloating. Instead, eat jaggery to curb the sugar rush.

Tip 49

Use roasted chickpea powder to replace your caffeine addiction for a healthier version.

Tip 50

Replace mayonnaise with curd for the healthier yet tastier swap.


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