8 Almond Remedies for Hair and Skin That Actually Work!

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Almond is known as the king of dry fruits. Almonds are good sources of monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Rich in vitamin E, it protects the skin and hair from the harmful UV rays and delays the aging of the skin. Almonds have antioxidant properties that protect skin and hair from free radical damage and rejuvenate them. Almonds also contain omega-3 fatty acids that help to treat acne, protect the skin from sun damage and nourish the hair follicles to give a strong and healthy hair. Being the rich sources of manganese, Vitamin E, riboflavin and copper it also helps to gain daily need of energy from these primary resources.

  • Almond Milkshake in Fatigue, Neuritis, Hair Care and Skin Glow

3-4 almond seeds are taken along with 1-2 cup of milk. This is blended well in a mixer and filtered. This is consumed once or twice a day. As per one's need and liking, saffron or a few cashew nuts can also be added. This is very effective against the tiredness, peripheral neuritis, wrinkle formation, etc.

  • Almond Face Scrub for Lustrous Face

Almond is made into fine paste by grinding with milk or water. This is used as a face scrub. This helps to remove dead skin cells from the body surface especially face. It gives good luster to the face.

  • Almond Oil for Hair Growth

Regular application of pure almond oil over the scalp helps to get dark and thick hair. It also prevents hair fall.

  • Soaked Almond as Memory Booster

2-3 almond seeds are soaked in water for overnight. Next day morning this is taken in empty stomach with milk. This boosts energy and provides stamina. This acts as an immune - modulator too.

  • Honey and Almond Oil for Dark Circles

Honey, along with almond oil, helps to lock the moisture in the skin and soothes the under-eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Mix ½ tsp almond oil and ½ tsp honey together. Before going to bed, this mixture has to be applied under the eye area. Leave it overnight and rinse it off in the morning. Repeat this remedy 3-4 times a week for the desired result.

  • Almond and Lavender Oil to Treat Dandruff

While almond oil is effective in treating dandruff, the antifungal properties of lavender oil help to calm the itchy and irritated scalp. 2 tbsp almond oil and 10-12 drops of lavender essential oil are mixed together. Then the mixture has to be applied on the hair scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it off later. Repeat this for once in 2 weeks for the desired result.

  • Almond for clear skin

Clear skin without spots and marks is something we all wish for but as we age, the skin begins to lose its glow and wrinkles become more visible. To get rid of this, make a pack of finely powdered almonds, sandalwood powder (Chandan) and some raw milk. Apply this on face, neck and even arms and legs if required. Let it dry and then wash it with water.

  • Almond, Honey, and Lemon to Reduce Tanning

Undue sun exposure, tanning occurs and skin becomes darker than its normal color. To remove this layer of tan, make a paste by adding almond oil, honey, lemon juice, and milk powder. Apply on the affected areas for about 20 minutes and use it weekly twice to see desired results. This will also help restore lost moisture of your skin.

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