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Best Ayurvedic Rasayan - Amrit Kalash

Ayurveda has a large canvas and structure that endorses treatment for a variety of diseases through different herbal remedies like Maharishi Amrit Kalash that are used for treating problems related to health, wellbeing, and aging. To achieve longevity, one must take proper care of their body and mind along with following ethical conduct in their life.

Consistently taking pressure and tension can result in conditions like hypertension, depression, stress, infertility to quickening the aging procedure. The Ayurveda product Maharishi Amrit Kalash is one of the well known and successful Rasayana for restoring your health, longevity, and overall wellbeing. Being a combination of all natural and powerful herbs, this elixir of life is a must if you want to restore your health and lead a fit and long life.

As a corrective procedure, Rasayana is concerned about the preservation, change, and rejuvenation of energy in your body and mind. The common way to deal with eating regimen, everyday routine, medicines for restoration, and herbal oil treatments gives the model to the restoration of your health and longevity. Maharishi Amrit Kalash is high in antioxidants and is a great hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, and immunomodulating specialist.

Benefits of taking Maharishi Amrit Kalash

  1. It helps in increasing productivity
  2. It helps in boosting your stamina
  3. It helps in sharpening your memory
  4. It helps in reducing stress
  5. It helps in strengthening immunity
  6. It also helps in maintaining youthfulness
  7. It helps in ensuring the good health of your heart

Amrit Kalash in Ayurveda is the primary treatment that lifts the indispensable power of life and the framework of the human body. It causes an individual to maintain excellent health, both physical and mental. The consumption of Amrit Kalash gives a person youthful looks, sharp memory, a rejuvenated mind, and boundless energy.

Amrit Kalash helps in improving the metabolic process, which results in strengthening your immunity system and thereby protecting you from many diseases. Amrit Kalash helps your body create natural resistance against viral infections. It also helps in stimulating your blood circulation. Maharishi Amrit Kalash is full of antioxidants and helps in fighting the aging process.

Maharishi Amrit Kalash helps in toning the skin and fortifies body tissues to encourage longevity. By its regular intake, the general resistance and immunity of the body increase too, and accordingly, you will be rejuvenated with renewed vigor and energy to face the challenges of your daily life.


Some more about what it does!

Maharishi Amrit Kalash enhances vital strength that helps the human body in fighting back diseases. It nourishes the Dhatus (seven tissues, including blood, nutritional fluid, fat, muscle, reproductive fluid, bone, and bone marrow.

As per research, Maharishi Amrit Kalash strikes a balance between the three main Ayurvedic principles of Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. These three main principles govern all the activities of the mind and human body.

Maharishi Amrit Kalash also enhances all the three mental abilities in Ayurveda
• Dhi — learning
• Dhriti — retention
• Smriti — recall

Research and facts about Amrit Kalash

#Fact 1: It is known that combinations of antioxidants always work better than any single ingredient. When antioxidants are combined, they automatically support each other to create a positive effect and the result that you want to see.
What about Amrit Kalash: Amrit Kalash includes over forty completely herbal ingredients to create a more powerful combination and an effective formula for positive results in your body.

#Fact 2: Most single antioxidants are ineffective because they never reach the home of the DNA or the powerhouse of the cells known as mitochondria. This is because the antioxidants are water soluble that surrounds the mitochondria. Other antioxidants cannot cross the watery cytoplasm as they are fat-soluble.


What about Amrit Kalash:

Amrit kalash

Amrit Kalash contains lipid-soluble ghee (clarified butter), which when combined with antioxidants carries their molecules with healing properties through the lipid barrier that surrounds the mitochondria to the heart of the cell, protecting the DNA. Amrit Kalash also has water-soluble antioxidants which penetrate the watery cytoplasm, thereby protecting both the inside and the outside of cells. Amrit Kalash has polyphenols that are both water soluble and fat soluble for this purpose.

#Fact 3: Free radicals are very damaging to the human body; therefore, to fight them, you have to stop them from forming in your body.
What about Amrit Kalash: Amrit Kalash has a combination of effective formula that helps in preventing free radical formation by inhibiting the activity of enzymes which produces free radicals. It also kills the free radicals that are already present in the body.

#Fact 4: Another important fact is that you have to take many powerful antioxidants together to have a positive result.
What about Amrit Kalash: The above fact can be a little contrary however you must remember that the usual daily dose of Amrit Kalash is more effective than any amount of antioxidants taken separately and it is entirely safe too.

#Fact 5: it is known that few antioxidant compounds have been successfully tested in a laboratory setting to know about its effect.
What about Amrit Kalash: If you are worried about the effects of taking these antioxidants, then know that Amrit Kalash has been the subject of more than thirty research studies and laboratory tests. The benefits of Amrit Kalash can be verified by quantifiable results done by independent researchers in top universities around the world.

#Fact 6: It is found that other antioxidant formulas present today kills only a small portion of the free radicals produced in the human body
What about Amrit Kalash: Amrit Kalash is an extensive range of antioxidant combination, with a complex formula that contains 100% herbal ingredients that are both lipid-soluble and water-soluble and lipid-soluble too, therefore, it is more effective in penetrating to the core of the DNA and working with an effective result.

Ingredients and benefits of Maharishi Amrit Kalash

It mainly constitutes 53 herbs and minerals with the following:

  1. Amrit Kalash consists photochemical with healing powers, which are the natural antioxidants from plants.
  2. Amrit Kalash also contains polyphenols that are free radical scavengers that kill off damaging ions. They can be found in both liquid-soluble as well as water-soluble antioxidants that can also regenerate Vitamin C and E for added health benefits.
  3. Amrit Kalash also has bioflavonoids which comes in a group of polyphenols with the most antioxidant power along with lower LDL cholesterol. It can fight LDL oxidation, and it also helps in increasing HDL.
  4. Amrit Kalash also has resveratrol, which is just another polyphenol that helps protect LDL cholesterol from oxidation, and it also prevents platelet aggregation.
  5. For enhancing the immunity strength and function of the body, Amrit Kalash contains Vitamin C.
  6. For combating peroxidation of the brain, the Amrit Kalash also contains Vitamin E as an anti-aging oxidant.
  7. Amrit Kalash also contains a powerful antioxidant in the form of Beta carotene.

We need to always look youthful and expand our life by remaining healthy, fit, and Amrit Kalash precisely helps us in achieving a healthy life and longevity. They recharge the organic liquids of our body, consequently protecting us from diseases. With regular intake of Amrit Kalash, one will be blessed with longevity, immunity against diseases, mental fitness, sound health, and youthful appearance.

Dosage of Amrit Kalash

You can take 10 grams in case you are consuming paste of Maharishi Amrit Kalash with milk that can be followed half an hour later with 1 Maharishi Amrit Kalash tablet in the morning. Same can be repeated in the evening.


Side-effects of Amrit Kalash

Maharishi Amrit Kalash is a natural product with a 100% safety guarantee. This contains natural herbs and minerals that are appropriately tested and are proven to have absolutely no side-effects or any harmful effects on your health. The benefits that you get by consuming the powerful and completely natural Maharishi Amrit Kalash is merely unbelievable, to say the least.

Packaging of the Maharishi Amrit Kalash
You have to buy both the paste and the tablet for better and effective results in your health. You can buy a box of Maharishi Amrit Kalash paste available in (600gm) along with Maharishi Amrit Kalash Tablet (60 Tablets) per box which comprises one month's supply.

Free radicals that are present in your body that can be produced in your body by stress or intake of unhealthy food can cause extensive damage to the competent cells in your body. A rich and nutritious diet, a fit lifestyle with regular intake of Amrit Kalash ensures that you get the necessary supply of antioxidant in your body to kill these free radicals and strengthen your body framework.

So, if you are thinking of going natural and start taking care of your health and aim for longevity in your hectic and busy life, then Maharishi Amrit Kalash is the best and most reliable Rasayana product that you will find today that is entirely safe and easy to take in your day to day life.

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