How to Increase Memory Using Ayurvedic Ingredients at Home?

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Our brain is one of the most vital organs of our body. It is helpful for the healthy functioning of our body and is also the main organ to memorize things. Just as our body needs food for proper functioning and strength our brain needs a regular tonic and exercise for its healthy functioning. The food we eat daily not just provides nutrition to our body but also our brain. Therefore we are always advised to stay at a bay from high consumption of junk and unhealthy street food and keep our inclination towards home-cooked and fresh food. Apart from fresh fruits and vegetables we also need certain other nutrients and vitamins from herbs around us. Let us have a look at some of the healthy herbs we need to know about to nourish our brain.

1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a healthy and nutritious herb. It has numerous benefits for our bodies. It is a powerhouse for our brains as well. Hence it is advised to children include ashwagandha in their regular diet to nourish their memory power to aid their academic excellence. The herb is also advised to elder people under a doctor's observation as many of the elders by the growing age may suffer from Alzheimer's and many other similar memory problems.

Ashwagandha is also useful for diabetic patients to lower their blood sugar levels. High blood pressure patients also consume ashwagandha for healthier and positive results. Ashwagandha is not just helpful to boost our memory power but also relaxe4sand calms down our mind and the stressed nerves.

 2. Vacha

Vacha also is known as Calamus is an Ayurvedic ingredient nourishing for our brain. It acts as a lubricant for our brain. it is light greenish in colour and is found in beautiful green fields. This Ayurvedic ingredient is helpful to nourish our brain and improve our memory. The ingredient is helpful for students, teachers, artists, and many other people who wish to improve their memory and concentration power. Vacha helps one to avoid any type of confusing signals and guides the brain to function clearly. Calamus also helps to increase the concentration power which allows one to improve focus and aid deep thinking as well. The herbal ingredient stimulates the brain which helps the brain to stay alert.

3. Brahmi

Another helpful herb in the queue of memory improving herbs is Brahmi. Brahmi grows naturally in wet and mushy soil. It is found easily and is not a rare herb. It is an excellent health dose for our brain and is also helpful to cure other health problems. It helps one to improve long and short term memory power. It also helps an individual to heal their retaining powers. This little green herb is a useful one not just for our brain but also for our health as well.

The herb also helps us to lower our anxiety and stress levels. It relaxes the stressed nerves and lowers our adrenaline rush which can be a reason for stress at times. People suffering from Alzheimer's are also advised to include Brahmi in their diet. This helps them to improve their memory naturally and also helps them to lower their dependability on medicines. 

 4. Bacopa

Bacopa or Bacopa Monnieri is another Ayurvedic herb that helps one to improve their memory and functioning of the brain. This natural herb is a white or purple coloured flower. It helps one to improve their memorizing power and hence is useful for students and artists. The herb is also essential to lower the stress levels. It brings patience and hence relaxes the stressed mind and improve concentration.

 6. Shankhpushpi

One of the highly used herbs, Shankhpushpi is a great memory booster and tonic for our brain. This perennial plant has green leaves and white or purple coloured delicate flowers. Shankhpushpi is highly recommended to students or the ones who are appearing for competitive exams as it highly helps one to improve the memorizing power. Hence it is one of the healthiest and natural ingredients to nourish our brain.


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