Ayurvedic Medicines For Weak Eye Sight

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Weak eye sight

Ayurvedic Medicines For Weak Eye Sight

The function of eyes is similar to that of a camera. The light from the external source falls on the retina, and in this process, the parts namely lens, pupil as well as optic nerves work in coordination with each other. The disorder or lack of coordination on any part leads to weak eyesight. In the case of weak vision, the person can’t see clearly. It may for long distance or short range or combination of both.  

Ayurveda Medicines and Herbs for Weak Eye Sight

  1. Amalaki rasayan: Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis) – It has rejuvenating properties. Its natural antioxidant removes free radicals and thus helps in the regeneration of human cells. It can enhance eyesight.
  2. Bilberry capsules: It contains anthcyanosides. It makes blood vessels healthy and improves blood circulation. The function of this herb is excellent on the eyes. 
  3. Vara churna
  4. Himalya Triphala Capsules - Also known as Indian gooseberry is rich in vitamin A and C, making it a great medicine for eye problems
  5. I Jal Eye drop
  6. Optha Care Eye Drop
  7. Vibhitaki (Terminalia Belerica) – Used in making Triphala. It is known for removing toxins. 
  8. Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) - It has terrific health benefits. 

Causes of Weak Eye Sight

  1. Ageing: The natural ageing is the leading cause of weak eyesight among adults and aged people. In this situation, most commonly the lens of the eyeball becomes thick and rigid. 
  2. Eye Strain: This is caused to continuous reading for long hours, using smartphones or computers without a break and for long hours. In these cases, the eyes get tired. 
  3. Glaucoma: It happens due to increased pressure eyes. It can be of two types, i.e. Open-Angle as well as Closed-Angle. In the former case, there is no pain in the eyes, but there is an opposite in the latter fact. 
  4. Diabetes:  The retina of eyes get affected due to diabetes. 
  5. Cataract: Due to cataract, a cloud or opaqueness happens over the eyes. It causes loss of vision and glare intolerance.
  6. Refractive error: This affects the focusing powers of eyes. 
  7. Acquired (Traumatic) Brain Injury: This may be due to head injuries, stroke or brain damage. 

Symptoms of weak eyesight:

  1. The vision gets blurred. 
  2. The eyes get straining when reading or working on computers.
  3. The eyes are frequently watering. 
  4. The affected person can’t do works like stitching, putting the thread in needle etc.
  5. The eyes become red and have pain. 
  6. The affected person faces difficulty in reading. 
  7. There may be partial or complete blindness

How can Ayurveda help in Weak EyeSight? 

Ayurveda being the ancient system of medicines has the formulation of herbal remedies. It not only improves the eyesight but also enhances the immune system of the body. It makes the eye’s muscles stronger. The vision gets clear, and eyes become stronger with the use of Ayurveda medicines.

Herbs used for treating diabetes, glaucoma, cataract or brain injury work great in improving the vision of the eye. Most of the above medicines help in improving blood circulation to eye muscles.

Home remedies for strengthening weak eyesight and eye muscles.

  1. Herbs like Triphala and Amla can also be used in different forms as home remedies.
  2. Some of the daily ayurvedic lifestyle rituals also help to avoid eye problems at large. Like, washing your eye with cold water at least twice everyday or multiple time if eyes are stressed.
  3. Avoid too much digital screen time. 
  4. Drink fresh juice of vegetables like carrots, beetroots and fruits like apple and pomegranate.
  5. Do Yoga and basic eye exercises.


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