Ayurvedic Remedies for Digestion

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Ayurveda states that the key to a healthy body is healthy digestion. 80% of our health issues are connected to the digestive system of our body. Hence it can also be stated that a healthy gut is a way for a healthy and active body. Therefore, eat the right food for the right mind, body, and soul. Healthy eating can help one to stay active and avoid being lethargic. It also smoothens the digestive system and avoids issues like constipation, bloating gas, and flatulence. One can also read our blog Ayurvedic Remedies to Improve Digestion to know more such healthy remedies.

Let us have a look at some of the lifestyle changes one needs to perform and the habits to be avoided for smooth and healthy digestion.

Habits to be Avoided

  1. Bathing After a Meal

Many people might not be acquainted with the fact that our body produces heat after a meal to digest the food. This heat helps one for quicker and easier digestion. But when we bathe after having a meal this heat lows down and interrupts the process of digestion. Hence one should always ensure to bathe before having a meal or at least after 1 hour of having the meal. In the same manner, one is also advised to avoid drinking water immediately after you are done with your food. One can have water after 30 to 40 minutes of the meal for healthy and proper digestion.

  1. Incorrect Food Combinations

These days fusion food is a fad. People are combining various cuisines for a new flavor and to add a zing of taste to the existing old food. This has become an enormous trend among youngsters, but certain food combinations should be highly avoided as they can meddle up with our digestive systems. Food combinations like fruit smoothies involving mixing fruits with milk, having salty snacks with tea, or even a cucumber yogurt mix can hamper the digestive system. These are some of the ingredients that a slow to digest and takes a lot of time to digest and prove essential for the body. hence it is also advised to avoid having salads after sunsets.

Though nuts and dry fruits are healthy and nutritious for the body they can work contrarily too if not consumed accordingly. It is advised o avoid too many nuts at a time. Soaked almonds are healthier and nutritious for hair and body rather than the dry ones.

  1. Advanced Meal Preparation

In today's hectic and busy life schedule people are not able to devote time to everyday cooking and chopping. Hence this has created a way for advanced meal preparation. Though many people would call it an advanced and smart move but it is highly dangerous and unhealthy as well. One should understand the fact that the nutritional value of every ingredient is valid for a certain time and no refrigeration can cease that validity. Hence eat fresh and healthy food to avid any digestion issues. One can also look at our section Indigestion, Acidity, and Gas to browse through some healthy and ayurvedic medicines to cure the issue. 

  1. Stress

Never thought of it ever!!! But yes, stress can hamper digestion too. Our digestive system has a strong connection without the gut. Therefore depression, anxiety, and stress can imbalance our digestion routine. Hence, we always feel better when our digestive system is clean and working smoothly but on the other hand, we feel uncomfortable and disturbed when the situation is vice versa. Therefore, for healthy digestion try to keep a healthy and positive mind too. Look to our blog Asanas for Stress Relief to know various such asanas and postures to get rid of stress.  

Ayurvedic Remedies for Digestion

  1. Variety in Food

Variety in food does not mean consuming junk food instead of healthy and homemade ones. It means to change the variety of grains we consume daily. One should not always be stuck to eating wheat bread or only rice for the meal. One should keep changing the ingredients and try something new for a healthier gut too. For instance, instead of having rice and lentils every day for the meal, one can switch to gram flour pancakes for a day or a bowl of oats or even green gram pancakes are delicious options. Hence try the variety, and experience a healthy gut. To know more such healthy food option give a read to our blog Healthier Swaps for a Healthier Lifestyle 

  1. Include Probiotic Foods in Diet

Probiotic foods no doubt are the best ones for a healthier gut. Therefore, people suffering from digestion problems like bloating, gas, and constipation should try to include curd or similar food items regularly in their meals. This helps in easy digestion and also to strengthen the gut naturally. Probiotic foods like curd, Greek yogurt, and buttermilk can be made a part of our regular diet easily and is also one of the best food habits for healthy digestion.

  1. Consume Ghee

Weird to sound, but true!!! Ghee is one of the best ingredients for digestion. The butyric acid found in ghee helps in healthy digestion and is also a great lubricant for our stomach and colon. These two body parts are the first ones to be affected during weak digestion. Improper digestion mostly happens due to dry and non-lubricated internal parts of the body. One of the biggest misconceptions about ghee in today's generation is it is a fattening ingredient, but that's not the truth!!! Ghee is way healthier than the regular oil we use. Hence whatever your body type is try to consume at least 3 to 4 spoons of ghee regularly for healthy and strong digestion.

  1. Healthy Sleep

A night of healthy sleep is also a key to healthier digestion. Ayurveda always states a minimum of at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep for people suffering from digestion issues. This allows the digestive system to work healthily without any interference. It is also advised to sleep on the left side. This helps to avoid acid reflux and also avoids issues like acidity and hyperacidity.

  1. Ayurvedic Remedies and Yoga Techniques

There are various ayurvedic techniques or hacks to strengthen the digestive system instantly. One can bite one a piece of ginger along with rock salt for an instant healthy gut. It is also advised to practice Suryabhedi or the right Nostril Breathing technique for healthy and smooth digestion. It is also advised to consume fennel seeds for a taste mouth and easy digestion of a meal. Vajrasana is one of the best methods or seating posture to make the food go down the intestines smoothly, without any hurdles.   


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