Ayurvedic Remedies to Cure Thyroid

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Thyroid has become one of the common problems observed in women today. It is an endocrine problem found due to the improper functioning of the endocrine glands in our throat. Thyroid might result in various other health problems like depression, weight gain or unnecessary weight loss, fatigue, mood swings, and many other problems. Though doctors suggest that thyroid is a health condition that can just be adjusted and balanced according to our lifestyle but Ayurveda promises to cure this health ailment by the root. Let us have a look at a few of the steps to be followed which can help to cure thyroid easily and naturally:

  1. Avoid any Medicinal Help

Many of the people have a tendency to immediately pop a medicinal tonic or pill to cure any health ailment. But pills are always not the solution to our medical problems. While consulting a doctor in regard to thyroid even the doctors suggest that the pills prescribed by them won’t cure thyroid permanently but will just curb them a bit. Hence one should not be completely dependent on medicinal pills and tablets to cure this serious problem.

These medicines will just make the issue disappear temporarily making the ailment appear again after a span of few years. If the pills do not prove suitable for the body they might result in various other problems like a fast heartbeat, tiredness, fatigue, mood swings, increased appetite, thin skin, hair problems, and many issues.

  1. Walnut Oil

Walnuts are packed with Selenium which is helpful to cure the issue of the thyroid. Hence massaging the thyroid with walnut oil can help one to get rid of the issue permanently without the use of any medicines. One can massage the thyroid gland about walnut oil for a few minutes. This helps to reach the nerves of the brain and nourish them too. Hence it is one of the healthy and ayurvedic ways to cure the symptom. One can also massage a slice of onion on the thyroid gland which serves the same purpose.

  1. Coriander Seed Water

Coriander seeds are filled with vitamins and antioxidants which help the thyroid gland to produce the required number of thyroid hormones. Hence Ayurveda suggests using this healthy and natural ingredient to cure thyroid of the root and cure the ailment permanently. One can consume this ingredient by crushing the coriander seeds with the help of a rolling pin or in a mortar pestle and not a mixer as the heat of a mixer will damage the nutrients of the seeds. Add these crushed coriander seeds in a glass of water and boil this water for about a few minutes. Leave the water overnight to allow the water to completely soak the nutrition of the seeds. Strain the water the next morning and drink it at least half an hour before breakfast to see the positive results.

  1. Practice Yoga

Yoga is also a helpful practice to cure thyroid. Some of the helpful breathing exercises in yoga can help one to cure the ailment naturally of the root. Breathing exercise like Singhasana, Tank Vidya, and Ujjayi Pranayama lets the individual exercise the thyroid gland which helps to heal it properly. These exercises also help to maintain control over the breath and also to keep a track over the breathing pattern performed through the nasal tract. Hence, they prove to be helpful to cure the issue naturally.

  1. Consume Healthy Food

Junk, packaged, and preservative added food are some of the biggest enemies of the thyroid. This stuff not just worsens the condition but do not allow the other healing ingredients to perform their function as well. Some of the other food items like peanuts, cabbage, or soya chunks should not be consumed raw but can be taken when cooked properly. One should follow a healthy plate method which includes filling half of the plate with salads like onions and cucumbers and half of the plate with complex nutrients like protein and carbohydrates.


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