Ayurvedic Remedies to Enhance Immunity System

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Want to stay protected and at a bay from cold, cough, flu, or any infection? Do you wish to stay healthy always? Do you feel the need to stay energetic all the time? The answers to all these questions are a healthy immunity system. Our immunity system plays a major and vital role to protect our body from being contracted to any kind of health ailment or disorder. Hence maintaining and looking after the strength of our immunity system is essential. Along with the external care of the body, one should also look after the ingredients consumed to provide nutrition to the body.

There are various pills available in the market to enhance our energy levels. But these medicines may not be suitable for all body types. Hence they should be consumed only under a doctor's advice. One of the biggest advantages of practising natural remedies is they are not harmful to our health. Hence the majority of the people swear by Ayurvedic remedies to cure any form of ailment. Let us have a look at some of the herbal and natural remedies to keep our immune system strong and sustainable.

1. Sunbath

Donning on a warm woolen sweater and enjoying the sunlight is all we prefer on chilly mornings. But one should not just practice this habit during the winter months of the year. One should spend at least 10 to 15 minutes under the sun every day. This is a natural way to provide our body with vitamin D which is essential to keep our immune system strong. Being under the sunlight also helps one to stay away from negativity and surround oneself with positivity.

2. Curcumin

Some might call it Haldi, while few might know it as Turmeric, and many know it by Curcumin too. But the function of this nutritional yellow spice is beyond these names. Turmeric along with being king of spices is also one of the healthiest ingredients for a human body according to Ayurveda. This multi-functional ingredient helps to keep our body protected from various kinds of infection and is also helpful to cure a cold and cough. Along with flavouring up our curries, this golden spice is helpful to strengthen our immune system. Having one glass of milk along with one teaspoon of turmeric in it is the best medicine to cure a cold and cough.

3. The Salty Bath

Bathing in salt water!!! It might sound weird but is helpful and effective. Bathing in Epson salt added water helps one to immediately feel relaxed and stress-free. Epson salt helps to eliminate pain from the body and is also effective to cure various kinds of skin diseases. Hence a rejuvenating bath also enhances our immune system. Therefore after a tedious working day have an Epson salt bath to relax as well as strengthen the body.

4. Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

There are tremendous fruits and vegetables available in the market today. There are also such fruits available which are not in the season. For instance, we might find many vendors selling mango shakes in winters and carrot juice in summers. Though this might sound off-seasonal we can find them. All these off-seasonal fruits and vegetables are found due to pesticides. Hence one should eat only seasonal stuff and provide the body with all the energy-boosting vitamins and minerals. Eating healthy food is the best way to strengthen our immune system and keep it shielded from infections.

5. Perform Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar or Sun salutation is a yoga posture that is a complete exercise for our body. It involves exercise for all our body parts and is hence a complete workout routine itself. Exercising is a perfect way to not just keep our self strong physically but also keep our selves protected from external and internal ailments. Therefore Surya Namaskar is a healthy way to keep our immunity high too.


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