Ayurvedic Tips for Cardiovascular Patients

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Ayurveda is one of the biggest healers of the body. The science is healthy and effective enough to cure any form of the disorder. Ayurveda is also healthy for cardiovascular patients. Health issues like cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure problems are some of the issues along with a human adjusts his or her lifestyle, buy major health issues like cardiovascular problems or cancer cannot be the ones through which the human can sail the boat of adjustment.

Hence people suffering from such major health issues should be well-concerned about their health. They have to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. They have to be particular about their diet. They also require to cut down a few edible items that might be appealing for the tastebuds but not for the health. A proper ayurvedic diet and lifestyle changes can help one to lower the health risks caused by heart problems.

Ayurvedic Tips and Tricks Healthy for Cardiovascular Patients

Let us have a glance at some of the healthy tips cardiovascular patients need to inculcate in their lifestyle:

  1. Replace Tea with Healthy Drinks

Tea is one of the most preferred beverages among all age groups. Usually, people from a very early age are addicted to tea. Though it makes one feel refreshed and energized it has its share of ill-effects on health too. The main aim of tea is to refresh and energize the mind and body which can easily be done with various other healthy options. Fresh fruit juices like pomegranate juice, orange juice, lemon water, and green tea are some of the best options to replace tea.

Green Tea and Pomegranate Juice are full of antioxidants that help the body to get rid of accumulated toxins in the body. These liquids cleanse the body internally and are great detoxifiers. One of the best advantages of these detoxifying drinks is they are sugar-free yet alluring to taste. Hence next time instead of grabbing a cup of tea try to grab a glass full of pomegranate juice. Have a glance at our blog Healthier Swaps for a Healthier Lifestyle to know more about such healthier swaps. 

  1. Avoid a Lethargic Lifestyle

Lethargic people are the ones who destroy their lifestyles on their own. They mold their bodies into being weak and lowering the stamina too. Hence within a few days, such people are not able to walk a few steps or even climb a few stairs. People suffering from cardiovascular issues should strictly avoid this.

It worsens the situation more and opens up the immunity system to numerous hazardous health issues. Cardiovascular patients should at least have a brisk walk of about 30 to 40 minutes or should practice a mild workout routine. This helps to keep the heart healthy and also promotes healthy blood circulation.  Give a read to our blog 21 Yoga and Ayurvedic Weight Loss Tips to avoid a lethargic lifestyle. 

  1. Consume Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the best natural ingredients. May the injury be internal or external, turmeric has been proved to cure both of them. The active ingredient 'Curcumin' in turmeric is the curing factor of the component. The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and oxidant properties of turmeric are healthy for heart patients. Hence cardiovascular people should try to consume a good amount of turmeric or can also start their day with a glass of turmeric milk or turmeric-infused tea.

Cardiovascular patients often suffer from a disease known as 'Atherosclerosis'. The health condition involves the narrowing of blood vessels due to high-inflammation in the body. this acts as a blockage to carry blood to the heart. Turmeric helps in thinning the blood and also lower inflammation in the body. Hence it is one of the best ingredients for cardiovascular patients to maintain their heart health. To attain the benefits of turmeric easily one can also consume Hakim Suleman's Haldi Plus Capsules 

  1. Consume Garlic

Garlic has not just been limited to flavoring our curries but is also one of the best ingredients for our overall health. Garlic is loaded with nutrients like zinc, phosphorous, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B. Hence it is a heart-friendly ingredient too. Garlic also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure which is one of the basic health requirements for cardiovascular patients. Garlic also helps to avoid clotting of blood in arteries which is the major cause of a stroke. Blood clotting happens due to the sticky nature of blood cells. Garlic helps to avoid this stickiness and also helps in thinning and easy flow of blood. Have a glance at our blog Garlic- Uses and Benefits to know more about the ingredient. 

  1. Reduce Belly Fat

A study shows that people who have a normal weight but a huge belly are prone to heart diseases and a high rate of stroke too. Belly fat blocks the flow of blood and thickens the blood too. Hence it is advised to maintain a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) to avoid excess fat around the belly. To maintain a healthy BMI is advised to maintain a waistline of about 35 inches for females and up to 40 inches for males. This helps to maintain standard bodyweight for a healthy heart and healthy functioning of the heart.  To help this deed one can have a look at our blog Ayurvedic Ways to Lose Weight 


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