Ayurvedic Ways to Lose Weight

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Looking attractive, being in a good shape, losing that extra fat from the waist, and getting back into that admired jeans to look good are some of the adoptable ideas in the minds of people today. The majority of the people today wish to lose weight just to look attractive and a part of the 'LOOK GOOD CIRCLE'. But this is one of the biggest mistakes ever. But such people are also compelled by the society around them who body shame them and compel them to get themselves transformed into an attractive shape. But one should not bend their knees down and work towards getting into shape to look good.

One should also feel good about the process of losing weight. Weight loss should not be done under social or mental pressure, but on the contrary, it should be done with the point for a healthier and physically fir body. The body which stays with us for the rest of our lives it is our responsibility to take care of it as well. Hence if one is on a motto to lose weight think of it with a healthier point of view rather than doing it to show someone. Losing weight though is a sweat dripping task but gradually one can achieve it if the mind and thoughts are full of positivity about it. Let us have a look at some of the easy and Ayurvedic remedies which one can practice at home itself for a fitter and healthier body.

  1. Proper Meal Time

Ayurveda states that the digestive system of our body works with the pattern of the sun. It means that we should eat after sunrise and have the last meal of the day along with the sunset. Many people might also find it as a pattern of Intermittent Fasting which involves individual eating in a duration of 8 hours and fast the rest of the day. But this practice has been followed in Ayurveda since ages. Hence we find many aged people having their last meal before sunset.

This form of eating aids weight loss and also a healthier digestive system. Ayurveda states that one should have their breakfast adequately, lunch should be the heavier meal of the day and have dinner around 7 pm being it the lightest meal of the day. This cycle of eating thought might not be comfortable for an individual initially but soon its works wonder for the body.

  1. Switch to healthier swaps

We all know that for proper and smooth function of our body a human needs to savour all kinds of taste. Some people are much inclined towards sweet or like spicier food should not always keep on consuming the same taste. It proves to be harmful at times. Eating sweets all the time is one of the biggest reasons to gain weight.

Hence one should plan smartly and enjoy those tastes with a healthier option. For instance, one can switch sugar with jaggery powder, tea, and coffee with green tea, mayonnaise with curd, and many other choices. These options help us to lose weight naturally without compromising with the taste.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

Losing weight always doesn't mean to starve and bear hunger. Living a healthier lifestyle is one of the best and natural ways to lose weight. For instance, if an individual who is on a spree to lose weight and feels hungry in the middle of the day is not needed to munch on unhealthy foods like deep-fried stuff or junk, one can opt for other healthy option like a bowl of salad, or few nuts, one can also enjoy a glass of milk by flavouring it with turmeric and jaggery powder. This remedy is not just delicious but also helps to lose weight.

  1. Chew food properly

Though it might sound a normal piece of advice but practising it can work wonders. Studies have shown that if we chew our food properly and then digest it then half of the process of digestion gets completed in our mouth itself. Not properly chewed food is not digested properly and hence is thrown out by our body. But if this food is not thrown out then it directly converts into fat. This fat is visible on our body and hence that food which was supposed to provide energy to our body turns into fat for our body. Hence a simple activity like chewing food also helps one to lose weight.

  1. Practice any form of activity

We all are well aware that exercise is one of the best and highly used methods to lose weight. Though a healthy eating pattern is a way to lose weight but exercising along with a healthy lifestyle is like a cherry on the cake. Exercising helps to increase the metabolism of our body which is essential to losing weight. Exercising not always refers to hardcore gym sessions but it can also be performed at our home itself. One of the best workouts for our body is walking. Walking is the best way to increase metabolism. One can also try cycling, or any other form of physical activity like cycling, running, any sport, or even dancing.   


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