Benefits and Types of Ayurvedic Massages

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Ayurveda is an essential part of most people's routine. Some people religiously use Ayurvedic products and love to follow an Ayurvedic and healthy routine. To follow an Ayurvedic and healthy routine is not just a fad in India but all over the world. Ayurvedic lifestyle is a deep and well-researched study. Just practicing yoga and having a clean diet is not all about following an Ayurvedic lifestyle. There are various other concepts that one needs to give limelight on.

A body massage can be Ayurvedic too. the procedure is known as 'Abhyanga' which means 'in the direction of the body'. Abhyanga is a procedure which involves massaging the body with the help of medicated oils. These oils are massaged on the body by applying pressure on different points of the body to make the massage more soothing and relaxing. Sesame or Coconut oil can also be used to perform Abhyanga. These oils help to balance the Vata, Kapha, and Pitta of the body. It is advised to use Sesame oil in winters for the massage to maintain the temperature of the body. The use of coconut oil in summers and autumn helps to cool down the body and make skin soft and supple. One can also have a look at our blog Abhyanga- Meaning, Benefits, and Scope to know more about Abhyanga.

Types of Ayurvedic Massages

There are various other Ayurvedic massages for other parts of the body. Let us have a glance at them too. 

  1. Murda Tailam

The procedure is performed by applying oil on the head. According to Ayurvedic scriptures, our head is the root of a tree hence a human body is described as an inverted tree. Maintaining the roots of the tree is an essential and crucial part to keep the whole body aligned. Hence a head massage is given high importance in Ayurveda.

Murda Tailam helps to deal with mental as well as physical issues. It helps to get rid of issues like anxiety, stress, and depression. It also helps to improve focus and hence is beneficial for artists and students. It also helps to improve the quality of hair and keep the scalp clean and healthy.

  1. Shiro Abhyangam

The procedure involves applying oil on the scalp. Many people might find it similar to Murda Tailam but the procedure doesn't involve applying oil on the whole head. It helps to get rid of scalp infection and keep hair healthy and strong. It also helps to heal a chronic sinus. Shiro Abhyangam helps to relieve all forms of issues of the head area, may it be a headache or a migraine all can be relieved with the help of Shiro Abhyangam.

People suffering from anemia can also try the herbal massage to induce a night of healthy and deep sleep. The studies also prove that people suffering from spondylitis can also practice Shiro Abhyangam for positive and effective results. Sensory organs like the nose and eyes can be well-taken care of with the help of this ayurvedic massage.

  1. Siro Pitchu

The procedure involves placing an oil-soaked cloth over the head. Though all of these massages sound a bit familiar and from the same roots, all of them work differently. This Ayurvedic massage helps to improve the quality of hair. It helps to get rid of hair issues like dry hair, frizzy hair, and rough hair naturally. It also helps to cure psoriasis and many other skin issues too. mental issues like depression and anxiety can be cured with the help of Siro Pitchu.

  1. Shiro Vasti

This herbal and Ayurvedic massage involves placing medicated Ayurvedic oils over the head with the help of a hat. This hat helps to keep the oil at a fixed place and allow our head to get soaked in its benefits. Shiro Vasti helps to nourish our sensory organs. Herbal massage is one of the best ways to cure our mental issues naturally. Hence the next time if you feel stressed or full of anxiety try Shiro Vasti instead of popping anti-depressants or consuming toxic substances. Shiro Vasti is proved to be one of the best remedies to improve the intellect and IQ level of an individual. Hence students should try it out.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Massages

Let us have a look at some of the common benefits of all the Ayurvedic massages mentioned above:

  1. Improved Skin and Hair Quality

A healthy massage helps to improve the blood circulation of the body. Hence it helps our skin to nourish and flourish. It helps our skin and scalp remain smooth, soft, supple, and hydrated. Our skin glows naturally and is hydrated. Hence there is no appearance of dry or cracked skin. A nourished scalp is helpful for dandruff-free, healthy, shiny, and glossy hair. It helps to add a volume to the hair and make it look healthier and alluring.

  1. Improved Blood Circulation

An improved and healthy blood circulation is beneficial for our body in various ways. It helps to cure various skin diseases. Issues like psoriasis, eczema, leprosy, and many other skin issues can be resolved with the help of a medicated oil massage. It also helps one to stay protected from cardiovascular issues. Aged people find relief in their joint and muscle pain with the help of a massage and improved blood circulation.

  1. Improved Mental Health

A herbal, healthy, and Ayurvedic oil massage helps one to relax the nerves of the mind. Hence the person remains calm and composed. The focusing power is improved and the individual can concentrate and perform better on an assigned task. Mental disorders can consist of issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. A herbal massage helps one to lower the hampering sings of all these issues.

  1. Detoxifies Body

Though detoxification is an internal process it involves external care too. Healthy skin is not just a game of internal care but also involves external care of the skin too. Hence massage is one of the best ways to detoxify the body. It helps to get rid of dry, patchy, and rough skin. It helps to purify our body and keep our thoughts calm, composed, and pure.

  1. Induces Healthy Sleep

Stress takes a huge troll over our mind and body at times. Hence a relaxing and soothing massage helps to calm our stressed and hyper nerves. It also helps to induce a sound and deep sleep. Hence people suffering from anemia and are not able to have a proper sleep should massage their body before dozing to have a proper and deep sleep.  


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