Benefits of adding Greens Daily in our Diet

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Spinach, Fenugreek, Kale, Lettuce, Cabbage, broccoli, and many other greens to name should be an essential part of our daily diet. These green leafy vegetables are helpful to the human body in every possible way. Green leafy vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals useful for a human body. They are full of fiber to help avoid all possible forms of stomach disorders and are also full of iron to keep our body at a bay from blood-related disorders like anemia.

Green leafy vegetables are also a good option for obese people to have control over their cholesterol levels. They help to keep one fuller for a longer time and avoid unwanted food and junk craving. Having a portion of green leafy vegetable on our plate in raw or cooked form make our diet more nutritious and healthier. Therefore, may it be a lettuce salad or cooked spinach one should try to include green leafy vegetables in their diet daily. Let us have a detailed look at some of the key benefits of having green leafy vegetables in our diet:

  1. Full of Fiber

Green leafy vegetables are full of fiber hence they are the best option to keep our digestive tract clean and healthy. They help one to get rid of the waste material in the gut and easy elimination of it from the body. Hence it lowers the chances of constipation and other stomach-related disorders. Therefore, people who often suffer from digestive problems should have a handful of greens daily.

  1. Natural source of Antioxidants

Green leafy vegetables are full of antioxidants. They act as natural cleansers for our internal system and avoid the accumulation of harmful toxins from our body. Green provides our body with the required minerals hence it is a better option to give a pick always. Antioxidants are helpful to keep our bodies protected from various health ailments and toxins. Hence a bowl of cooked fenugreek or even a glass of mixed fruit juice with spinach is always some of the best breakfast options.

  1. Healthy Option to reduce Weight

Green leafy vegetables are negligible in calories. Hence one can have them in huge quantities without being felt cheated for your body. They help one to stay fuller for a longer time therefore it ceases the craving for untimely and unwanted junk munching. Instead of having a bowl of noodles or any other junk food one can switch to a bowl of salad made from lettuce, cabbage, olives, boiled broccoli, and some tofu. One can relish the salad with some honey and pepper or a mustard dressing. 

  1. Keeps the Body Hydrated

Greens are also high on water content. Therefore, they are the best option to choose for in summers. The healthy water content of green leafy vegetables helps one to stay healthily hydrated. Therefore, having spinach juice or boiled broccoli and other leafy vegetables can provide you with the required nutrition.

  1. High in Metabolism

Greens help to increase the metabolism of our body. Hence it is a great option to get rid of those excess calories. High metabolism also helps to keep us feel active all day long and not be a couch potato. It also helps to improve the immunity of the body and keep it shielded from various bacteria and viruses.


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