Benefits of Ayurvedic Kadha

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One of the oldest and highly used Ayurvedic remedies to cure a cold, cough, or fever is kadha. Kadha is a liquid concoction of various herbs and spices. These herbs and spices are nutritional for our body and also helpful to cure or cold and cough. This healthy concoction is enough to fight the bacteria in our body and cure us within no time. Hence many people prefer to have a cup of kadha rather than a medicinal pill. Kadha involves a mixture of various herbs and spices that helps to increase our immunity. Hence during this tough COVID time, people are highly relying on a healthy ayurvedic kadha to boost their immunity and strengthen their inner system. Let us have a detailed look at some of the other benefits of consumption of kadha:

  1. Fights Cold and Cough

Kadha is the best Ayurvedic remedy to heal a cough or cold. The spices and herbs together are helpful to cure the ailment at a quicker pace. Hence instead of relying on medicines for a slightest of cold or fever one can grab a cup of kadha. It can easily be prepared with the help of adding herbs like mint and basil leaves in boiling water. One can also add ingredients like turmeric root, fennel seeds, long pepper, and grated ginger, to enhance the taste as well as the nutritional level of the Ayurvedic drink. Hence if you find the symptoms of a cold or cough have a soothing warm cup of kadha.

  1. Soothes Irritated Throat

Sometimes we feel a bit of irritation in our throat due to a chronic cough. It also leads to the accumulation of mucus in our respiratory pipe which makes it more uncomfortable to breathe. A cup of kadha helps to clear this mucus and make it easier to breathe. Continuous coughing makes the person feel weak along with lower immunity. Kadha helps to charge up the person by strengthening immunity.

  1. Strengthens Immunity

A stronger immunity is helpful for various reasons such as:

  • To stay at a bar from cough and cold.
  • To stay protected from minor ailments
  • To be safe from the ongoing hazardous COVID 19 pandemic

Kadha helps to provide the body with nutritional minerals and vitamins required. Hence the body gets an immediate boost up and refreshment. Having at least one cup of kadha daily helps to keep our body shielded from various infections and bacteria. It also acts as an antioxidant for our body to help in the removal of toxins.

  1. Heals Body Pain

Surprisingly kadha is not just a remedy for cold and cough. It also helps to help one get relieved from chronic body pain. People experiencing pain in their joints or muscles can sip on kadha throughout the day for healthy and positive results. To prepare a body pain healing kadha one needs to boil 4 cups of water in a vessel when the water starts boiling add grated ginger, cinnamon sticks, and turmeric root/powder in the water. When all the ingredients have left their nutrition in the water one can cool it down and then strain the mixture. Sip on this kadha whole day and you might experience relief within a day or two. Hence it is a helpful remedy for aged people who experience pain in their joints often or during winters.

  1. Aids Weight Loss

Kadha is also helpful to get rid of excess calories. It helps to clean Ama from the body and cleanse the digestive system. Hence this helps to increase metabolism that is a vital aspect to reduce weight. Triphala is a natural anti-oxidant for the body to clean the inner system of the body. Hence mixing Triphala churna in a vessel of boiling water can act as a great fat cutter drink. One can have this drink before dinner and even half an hour before breakfast for naturally healthy and positive results.


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