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Wood apple also known as 'Bael' in India is a highly nutritious fruit. Though the fruit might not look appealing the advantages derived from it are enormously appealing for our health. This hard, green coloured, and seedy fruit is full of essential minerals and vitamins. The fruit might not be that popular among cities but is a highly used one in rural areas. It can be easily locally in villages. People prefer having Bel juice during summers to lower the heat of the body. It is a highly consumed summer drink just like lemonade. It is unfortunate to not find wood apple often in our bowl of fresh fruits because of its low popularity. Let us have a healthy glance of the multiple benefits of this good green fruit.

  1. Good for Stomach

Our stomach is one of the most vital organs of the body hence looking after its proper functioning should be our primary goal. Irregular food habits and junk food may lead to stomach ailments like constipation, stomach ulcer, bloating, and many other problems. But having the right diet and healthy herbs can make up for the loss. Bael is one such healthy fruit that can help one to recover from any form of a stomach ailment. The fruit helps one to get rid of toxins accumulated in the digestive tract and clear it out from the body. Hence the next time, if it's a stomach ache, try having Bel before popping a pill.

  1. Helpful for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes, one of the fastest-growing diseases is affecting the huge amount of rabble. This widely spreading disease is not restricted to an age bar hence is observed in kids too these days. The branches and trunk of wood apple help to lower the high glucose amount in the blood which is the main cause of the disease. The Feronia Gum found in the tree helps to lower the elevated sugar level which is an Ayurvedic way to cure the issue. Therefore a diabetic patient can have a Bael without the fear of it being too sugary.

  1. Natural Immunity Booster

Loaded with vitamin C this nutritious fruit has various other benefits. The anti-inflammatory property of Bael helps one to keep the heart healthy and the body protected from various cardiovascular problems. Vitamin C helps to fight off from infection and similar ailments like cold, cough, and flu. Hence it is a highly recommended fruit for rains too. The fruit helps to keep the body stay protected from various forms of ailments and elevate our energy levels. Hence one should do dig on a Bael often.

  1. Purifies Blood

Wood apple is a natural and Ayurvedic blood purifier. It helps to eliminate toxins from our body and detoxify it. Hence having it in the morning along with a glass of hot water is the best way to flush out the toxins. Purification of blood has multiple benefits hence it is one of the vital processes for our body. Purified blood helps to avoid acne, oily skin, liver and kidney dysfunction, and many other health benefits.

      5. Increases Breast Milk

A breastfeeding mother's huge and vital requirement is milk. The baby feeds only on milk for about a few months hence it is one of the highly required sources. Bael helps in lactating a breastfeeding mother by increasing the milk. Hence a breastfeeding mother should often have Bael fruit in her bowl of fruits. It tastes best when consumed with dried ginger powder and jaggery. It enhances the nutritional level of the fruit.  


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