Benefits of Carom Seeds

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Carom seeds, known as 'Ajwain' in Hindi are some of the tastiest and healthiest seeds for humans. They add a beautiful flavor to the food and are healthy for our digestive system too. May it is a vegetable preparation or making of various bread to accompany the vegetables, carom seeds are used everywhere. The flavor of carom seeds is similar to thyme and is similar to cumin seeds in appearance. They are highly used in remedies to cure stomach and digestive disorders. Let us have a look at some other benefits of carom seeds:

  1. Cures Indigestion

There are times when people are not able to digest their food and may end up vomiting or feel bloated and gaseous. Under such conditions carom seeds are one of the best herbal homemade remedies to cure indigestion. A simple mixture made by mixing carom seeds and rock salt can work wonders to cure indigestion. It also helps to get relieved of gas and flatulence.

  1. Full of Antibacterial Properties

Carom seeds are full of antibacterial properties. Hence, they help to protect the immune system naturally. One can easily incorporate them into any food preparations or can also consume them directly. Antibacterial properties of carom seeds help to avoid the accumulation of bacteria in the body and keep the body strong and active. It also helps to avoid the growth of fungi in the body.

  1. Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Carom seeds are also helpful to cure cholesterol levels. It is also helpful to lower the triglyceride levels. Hence the seeds are healthy to reduce heart diseases. Therefore, carom seeds are naturally healthy to reduce cholesterol levels. Low cholesterol level also helps to open the blocked arteries and veins circulating blood in the entire body. Low cholesterol levels are also helpful to maintain the blood pressure levels.

  1. Reduce Blood Pressure Levels

The elevated blood pressure level is a common problem found in humans these days. Though the ailment is common but is a risky problem for health. Hence one needs to maintain a safe blood pressure level for a healthy body. High blood pressure can be faced due to various reasons like stress, depression, irregular lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, and many such reasons. Consumption of carom seeds is helpful to maintain a healthy blood pressure level. Hence people suffering from pressure problems should try to include these seeds in their regular diet. Such people can also start their day by adding overnight soaked carom seeds in a glass of warm water and consuming it.

  1. Full of Anti-inflammatory Properties

Carom seeds are also full of anti-inflammatory properties. Hence it is highly consumed during summers. It helps to lower the temperature of the body and keep it cool and calm. Sometimes due to high inflammation, our body experiences skin breakouts due to excessive heat. Hence it is one of the healthy and natural options to lower the heat of the body and avoid such skin breakouts. It can be easily added to various lip-smacking food preparations and summer cooling drinks as well.  


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