Benefits of Flowers for Health and Skin

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Flowers are alluring, colorful, fragrant, and beautiful. But very few people might be acquainted with the fact that they are healthy for our skin and body as well. Consumption of flowers in the right way and the right quantity can be beneficial for our health. They also have properties to beautify our skin and hair as well. Hence their extracts are used in many cosmetic products too. The essential benefits of flowers can easily be obtained by growing them in your garden. Let us have a look at the benefits and health uses of some of the beautiful and fragrant flowers.

  1. Marigold

This beautifully bloomed yellow flower is mostly used to beautify a venue for occasions. They also have traditional and spiritual uses hence marigold is also used to perform rituals and various ceremonies. Marigold also has multiple benefits for our health and skin. Consumption of marigold tea is healthy for our digestive system and also helps to cool down our body. It also boosts our immune system naturally. Marigold is full of antifungal properties hence it is one of the best natural ingredients to cure vaginal infections. Marigold is also a healthy ingredient to cure conjunctivitis and other eye infections naturally.

  1. Hibiscus

Hibiscus is another highly used flower for traditional functions and ceremonies. Hibiscus tea is one of the healthy herbal teas consumed by many people to attain its beneficial properties. hibiscus tea is full of antioxidants that help to keep our immune system strong and active. It is also helpful to lower the elevated blood pressure by lowering the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Hibiscus can also be used as a natural scrub for our skin as it helps in the removal of od dead skin. Hibiscus paste is one of the best remedies to heal a wound naturally. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties heal a wound and cease the growth of bacteria on it as well.

  1. Rose

One of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers rose is also healthy for our body in various other forms. Rose tea is one of the best remedies to lose weight. It helps one to increase metabolism which is an essential element to reduce weight. Rose is also used as a natural sweetener in many of the food preparations. It helps to ditch the refined sugar and harm caused by it.

Hence, we often find various types of food preparations made from roses such as rose syrups, flavorings, rose tea, and many other items. Many people prefer to store rose petals by making 'Gulkand' out of it. It is a healthy natural jam made from rose petals. Rose is also a highly used product for skin and hair care. It can easily be used for face creams, face packs, and to use naturally as rose water.

  1. Jasmine

This beautiful white fragrant flower has tremendous health, mental, and skin benefits. Jasmine is known to cure digestive problems. Jasmine tea is a healthy option to get rid of bloating, constipation, and acidity. Jasmine essential oil works as an aphrodisiac by elevating the mood and get over sexual barriers naturally. People who are not able to cope up with their sleep issues can try using jasmine oil in an oil diffuser or can even sprinkle a few drops of it on their pillow for a calming and soothing sleep. Jasmine flowers can also be used to make a face pack for a fragrant, soft, and healthy glowing skin. It also helps to keep our skin protected from various infections and skin issues.

  1. Sunflower

Many people might not be aware of but sunflower has various medicinal benefits. It is used in the preparation of tincture (medicinal drug). Sunflower seeds are high in healthy fats and hence are essential for a healthy body. Sunflower seeds have multiple benefits like they can be easily incorporated in various food preparations. People use sunflower seeds in meat preparations for a crunchy and flavorful effect. One can also sprinkle them for a crunchy taste over salads. It is also a healthy snack to munch on rather than fried munchies or chips.   


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