How To Use Mustard Oil? What Are The Benefits of Mustard Oil

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What Is Mustard Oil?

Mustard oil has been used in India for ages. Be it Bengal or rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, mustard oil is always the first choice of people. Every kitchen in India is some or the other day filled with the beautiful fragrance of mustard oil. It is also known as 'The Liquid Gold' of the Indian kitchen. The gold fluid has multiple other uses too. It is robust for the skin and hair too.

Benefits of Mustard Oil

  • Heart friendly - People suffering from cardiovascular issues are suggested to eat food cooked in mustard oil. It helps to feel the body light and is easy for digestion. Mustard oil also helps to pass easily through veins and avoid the accumulation of plaque in the arteries too. This helps to keep the heart healthy and avoid blockages.
  • Rich in Nutrients - mustard oil can also be abbreviated as a valley of nutrients. The oil consists of nutrients like MUFA, PUFA, Vitamin E, Omega 3, Omega 6, and the queue is unending. The oil is helpful for the human body in every possible way. The nutrients present in mustard oil make it a healthier choice. The oil is anti-inflammatory too which makes it the first choice for people with knee and joint pain.
  • Enhances Blood Circulation - Mustard oil is one of the best oils for a body massage, states Ayurveda. It helps to flush out the toxins of the body in the form of sweat. Hence it is a natural cleanser without any side-effects. Massage done with mustard oil helps in the healthy flow of blood all over the body that enhances the healthy functioning of the heart as well.
  • Strengthens Brittle Nails - A weak nail bed is a reason for our brittle nails. Applying mustard oil on the nail bed and massaging it for a few minutes makes them strong and helps in their quicker growth too.
  • Healthy for Hair and Skin - Our hair needs proper nutrients and frequent massages for healthy hair growth. The nutrient-rich mustard oil promotes hair growth and ensures its thickness too. The oil also prevents premature greying and allows it to look black, smooth, and shiny. Massaging the skin with mustard oil helps to avoid various skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, black spots, and many others. It also helps in the removal of tan. In search of a natural yet effective sunscreen? Apply a few drops of mustard oil and you are good to go.

Uses of Mustard Oil

  • Cooking Food - Mustard oil is highly used in Indian Kitchen for cooking. It adds a zing of nutty and peppery taste to our food. The oil is highly used in preparations of Indian dishes like frying fish and chicken, also it is used to prepare baked or fried brinjals. Food cooked in mustard oil is easy to digest and is healthy for cardiovascular patients.
  • Massaging Hair and Skin - Though there are various moisturizers and body lotions available in the cosmetic industry, mustard oil is still the prime choice of our elders. Well acquainted with the benefits of this liquid gold, mustard oil helps to strengthen our hair and keep the skin healthy. The healthy shine found on our grandparent's skin is the blessing of mustard oil.
  • Abhyanga - Abhyanga is the massage of the body with healthy oil. This helps to promote blood circulation and keep the skin protected from petty issues. Mustard oil is the best choice to keep the skin protected and also its anti-inflammatory properties help people to get rid of pain in the knees and painful parts of the body.


There are various oils available in the market ranging from sunflower oil to elite oils like olive oil, mustard oil is still a highly used and elite oil of India. This multi-purpose oil is helpful for the human body internally as well as externally. The article throws light on some of the useful aspects of mustard oil and various reasons to make it an essential part of your routine.


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