Benefits of Sattu

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Sattu is a mixture of various grounded grains or grams. This mix of grams or grains varies according to the different states. Few states prefer mixing nuts in this mixture as well to make the mixture more nutritious and healthy. Sattu can be consumed savoury or can be used as a sweet as well. This mixture of grains is tremendously healthy for our body, hence though it might sound like a new component for urban but it is a known and highly used ingredient in rural areas. Let us peep into some of the hidden and valuable health benefits of this delicious and nutritious component:


  1. Improved Bowel movements

Sattu is generally made by dry roasting Bengal gram and chickpea. Hence this mixture is full of iron and various other nutrients. These nutrients are helpful to clear our bowel movements. Stomach issues like constipation or weak or lose motion can easily be resolved with the help of Sattu. Hence many people simply prefer to consume Sattu by adding 1 to 2 spoons full of the mixture into a glass of cold water with rock salt and jaggery. This delicious drink not just resolves our stomach problems but also cools down our internal system in the scorching heat of summers. This drink also helps to flush out the harmful toxins from our body as well.


  1. A natural weight loss agent

Increased metabolism is a vital and speedy way to reduce weight. Consumption of Sattu helps one to reduce weight easily by keeping the individual fuller for a longer period. It can work as a great replacement for expensive protein shakes available in the market these days. The mixture of grains makes it a full of protein and other nutrients component which is healthy for our body. Sattu also helps to reduce bloating which is another cause of constipation and other stomach related issues.


  1. A natural coolant for the body

Sattu drink is still the best and highly prepared drink in summers. One can easily find it in rural areas. It is highly served in the times of summer season. Mixing Sattu in a glass of cold water and adding jaggery to it with a pinch of black salt is the best drink for our stomachs during the summer season. It is also helpful to hydrate our body during summers which are one of the important aspects during this season. The nutrients of the ingredient help one to provide energy to the body naturally.


  1. Lowers Cholesterol

Sattu is high in fiber which in turn helps one to lower the cholesterol. The component also helps to regulate the flow of blood in our body which is beneficial in many ways such as keeping the body energized, increase the number of red blood cells, and many such. Sattu cuts down the cholesterol levels of our body hence doctors prescribe consuming Sattu to especially the heart or coronary artery disease affected patients.


  1. Friendly ingredient for diabetic patients

Sattu is high in iron, fiber, proteins, and many other nutrients. Hence it can be consumed by diabetic patients as well. Therefore it can prove to be a healthier option to munch on for diabetic patients. It can also be used to prepare various forms of healthy and delicious diabetic friendly drinks.  


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