Benefits of Triphala

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Triphala in Hindi means made up of three fruits. Namely, these three fruits are Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. These three fruits together make up Triphala which is known as a very nutritional herb. Triphala is used for various purposes such as curing stomach disorders like constipation, acidity, bloating, acid reflux, and many such, it is also helpful to lose weight by lowering the triglyceride level of the body. It is one of the best detoxifying herbs used to eliminate the Ama from our body. Let us have a detailed look at some of the benefits of Triphala.

  1. Aids Weight Loss

An increase in weight happens due to increased triglyceride levels also known as bad cholesterol levels. These levels can be lowered down by the consumption of Triphala churna. Triphala helps in the natural secretion of cholecystokinin which aids the brain to signal a full stomach for the human body. Hence it is a natural way to avoid that excessive eating and filling up body with that excessive fat. Having 1 spoon of Triphala churna with warm water before bedtime can help one to look a positive change to lose those extra inches.

  1. Healthy Detoxifier

we all crave for tasty and delicious food. Many people like junk food but not the toxins it fills up our body with. Hence, we should not eat junk food regularly. It is a direct means to fill our body with harmful toxins. These toxins lead to disorders like stomachache, gas, bloating, acidity, and many such. Hence the digestion process is disturbed as well. Triphala helps to eliminate these toxins naturally hence people should consume it to get rid of stomach issues. It cleanses the digestive system and makes it strong and healthy. One can prepare a healthy Triphala drink by adding its powder in a glass of water along with crushed ginger. Boil this water and add lemon juice to it. Have it before meals for positive results.

  1. Healthy for Oral Care

Many people suffer from gingivitis, tooth decay, and bleeding gums. All these problems can be resolved by a visit to the dentist but it might not help you to provide permanent solutions. Rubbing of Triphala powder over gums and teeth helps to protect them and do not allow decaying of tooth. Hence this natural remedy not just cures your gingivitis but also prevents them from re-appearing. It is also helpful to avoid a foul smell from our mouth due to toxins present in our mouth.

  1. Cures Urinary Tract infections

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can be faced by both men and women. It is a serious problem as it leads to a burning sensation when the person urinates. It is also a huge invitation to other UTI disorders. Sometimes consumption of pills is also not the solution as the infection gets immune to the tablets. Triphala is an ayurvedic and herbal remedy to cure the disorder of the root itself. It is also a helpful way to keep the body at a bay from side-effects.

  1. Anti-inflammatory Herb
Triphala is an anti-inflammatory herb hence people suffering from bone or muscle pain can adapt to this herb. It helps to lower the pain in the joints and allow its easy movement. It helps in the elimination of uric acid which is the major cause of bone and joint pain. Hence having a spoon of Triphala churna with warm water can make you avoid those pills and medicines.


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