Benefits of Vetiver Oil

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Vetiver roots are popularly known as 'Khus' is a natural herb and is beneficial for humans in its various forms. People use vetiver in many forms such as its roots, grass, and vetiver oil as well. It is a cooling herb useful to cool down the inflammation of the body. It instantly helps to lower the high temperature of the body. Therefore, people consume it on a higher scale during summers. Vetiver oil is a healthy essential oil useful in various beauty treatments too. Vetiver oil is also a healthy and fragrant option to use for oil diffusers for an aromatic room. Let us have a look at many other forms of vetiver.

  1. Cools down Body Temperature

Vetiver roots are one of the best options to cool down the elevated body temperature. Therefore, it is one of the prior choices in summers. The refreshing drink made from vetiver roots is a healthy, tasty, as well as a cooling option. Many people prefer to use a syrup made from vetiver roots in the preparation of a cooling drink, ice creams, or to flavor smoothies.

  1. A Healthy Essential Oil

Vetiver oil is used for various purposes. It can be used as an aromatic oil in oil diffusers. It instantly helps to elevate the mood of the room and make it fragrant naturally. Vetiver oil can also be used for skin and hair. It helps to enhance the quality of skin without any side-effects. Studies also prove that vetiver oil helps to improve the functioning of the brain. It helps to keep the brain alert and also helps the brain to improve the focusing power.

  1. Anti-septic properties

Vetiver oil also has antiseptic properties. Therefore, it is a natural ingredient to heal the wounds. It ceases the growth of bacteria on wounds and heals the cut or wound at a quicker pace. The roots can be turned in to a form of a paste and can be applied to the wound for a cooling effect.

  1. Immunity Booster

Vetiver oil is also a healthy ingredient to improve immunity. It is full of antioxidants hence helps to shield our immune system. It helps our body to fight with various infections, germs, and bacteria causing flu. Hence vetiver oil can be consumed in various ways to improve immunity. It can be used as an essential oil in an oil diffuser to inhale its aromatic fragrance and boost the immune system.

  1. Enhances the Quality of Skin

Our skin experiences acne and pimples due to the growth of bacteria and germs. Hence it helps to cease the growth of these skin problems. It can be used simply by adding a few drops of vetiver oil in your face wash for naturally healthy skin. It can also be simply used by mixing in coconut or any other oil and can be applied to the skin as a healthy moisturizer. Therefore, one can also use vetiver oil as an essential oil for a change apart from lavender or tea tree oil.  


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