Best Ayurvedic Weight Gain Powders in India 2020

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Weight gain or weight loss are some of the adjustable components that can be managed by humans. If an individual maintains a healthy lifestyle along with healthy food and exercise regimes then the weight of the person stays at a stable level. But if the individual has an on the contrary regime then it might result in unhealthy weight gain also known as obesity.

Unstable weight is also a health issue. Many people suffer from extreme weight gain or extreme weight loss. Weight loss is considered to be a health condition too. Many people are not able to gain weight healthily. Hence, they appear to be skinny, unhealthy, and feverish. Therefore, an appropriate weight is also a part of a healthy body. Healthy body weight can be obtained with the help of a healthy diet and a healthy workout routine too. Ayurvedic remedies and ayurvedic weight gain powders can help to increase weight healthily too. They ensure to increase weight and maintain it too.

Quick ayurvedic ways to Increase Weight

  1. Consume chapati and rice together

  2. Practice exercising for muscle mass

  3. Eat healthy and homemade food

  4. Practice oil pulling

  5. Consume nuts

Let us have a look at some of the healthy herbs that can help to increase weight naturally without any side-effects.

Chamomile Powder

Chamomile is a beautiful flower along with various beneficial properties. This beautiful white flower has appetite increasing properties. It helps one to increase appetite and consume more food portions. One can consume chamomile powder easily by mixing it in tea or one can also add it in smoothies or milkshakes.

Chamomile also helps to calm the mind with the help of its fragrant property. Hence one can attain mental peace too with the help of this herbal, natural, and fragrant powder. Therefore, skinny and underweight people should use this powder and experience the miraculous results.

Ashwagandha Powder

Ashwagandha powder is an overall remedy and key to various health issues.It is one of the best ayurvedic weight gain powders to cope with mental health issues. May it be anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or even an unstable mind can be handled with the help of Ashwagandha powder. The herbal ingredient is a healthy way to increase appetite too. 

Many parents face difficulty with the skinny and low appetite of their children. This might also result in low nutrition of the child. Feeding such children with Ashwagandha powder is the best way to keep a check on their nutrition and diet. It is easily available in any ayurvedic store. Ashwagandha powder can be easily incorporated into any food item. Hence it is the best ingredient for weight gain.


Might sound an interesting piece of information, but yes ginger aids healthy weight gain too!!! Ginger helps to get rid of various health and digestive issues. The ingredient helps to warm up the digestive tract and aid a healthy appetite. Therefore, ginger is considered to be one of the best ingredients to increase appetite.

Ginger can be easily incorporated into our diet by adding it to the vegetable or curry preparations, or even the first cup of tea in the morning is best complimented with ginger. Ginger can also be consumed in the form of its powder which is known as 'Sonth'. Sonth is a part of various ayurvedic remedies too. May it be cold, cough, or preparation of an ayurvedic kadha, Sonth should always be a handy ingredient. It can also be abbreviated as an ayurvedic weight gain powder.


Shatavari is another healthy ingredient to gain weight. The herb naturally helps to increase appetite and aid in weight gain. Shatavri is also a healthy ingredient to get rid of digestive issues like constipation, bloating, flatulence, and unhealthy digestion. Digestive problem is also a major issue in the path of weight gain. Hence Shatavari helps to get rid of it and help in natural weight gain.

Shatavari is also known to help males get rid of infertility issues. Therefore, people who are not able to conceive and are facing issues in family planning then they should try Shatavari. The herb can be consumed in the form of powder. Add a spoon of Shatavri powder to a glass of milk and consume it after dinner. It will immediately help to resolve various health issues and help in weight gain too.


Also known as Licorice, Yastimadhu is a healthy ingredient to gain weight. It helps to increase the appetite naturally. Yastimadhu helps to clear the obstacles in the digestive tract. The herb is also a great immunity booster. Hence it is also the prime ingredient to be added in a kadha. Licorice also helps to improve the lining of the digestive tract that helps to keep the stomach healthy and obstacle-free.

Licorice also aids stomach ulcers and has anti-inflammatory properties. This also helps to lower the heat of the body and reduce various problems of the body. Licorice also has antibacterial properties. Hence skin issues, fistula, and various other bacterial issues can be resolved with the help of Yastimadhu. Hence growing kids and elder people who face under-nourishment or low weight issues should consume Licorice as a healthy and herbal remedy.


Healthy weight gain and obesity are completely different factors. Try to have a routine that helps for healthy weight gain and not obesity. A healthy diet and ayurvedic medicine for weight gain help to balance the hormones of the body and keep it shielded from petty health issues.


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