Daily Uses of Neem

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Neem is one of the most healthy and highly used plants in India. Every part of the plant is used for various purposes. The plant is useful for internal as well as external purposes. Its consumption can help one to get rid of various health problems. Its external application is like gold for the skin. Hence Ayurveda recommends its high usage for a healthier lifestyle. Including neem in our lifestyle through various forms can benefit us naturally. Hence let us have a dig in some of the benefits derived from neem by its daily use:


  1. Lowers Blood Sugar

Neem is one of the best Ayurvedic and natural ingredients to keep sugar levels under control. It is considered to be gold for a diabetic patient. Though the ingredient is helpful to lower the elevated blood sugar blood levels it is not just advisable for diabetic patients but everyone can have it. Starting the day with a glass of neem juice though might sound a bitter start but is the required one for a healthier lifestyle. Getting children habitual to neem juice in the early stages to help them their bodies to build stronger immunity. Hence they don't even sniff their nose when given the juice to start their day ahead. 


  1. Helpful to Cure Oral Problems

Being anti-bacterial neem has numerous benefits for our oral health as well. Hence we still find our elders or grandparents preferring a neem stick for cleaning their teeth rather than toothpaste, this shows the utilitarian of the ingredient and its Ayurvedic benefits. Neem is also useful to cure various gum problems. It is advised to apply neem oil if the gums are bleeding or one experiences pain in it. Hence the herbal component is also healthy to cure our oral and dental problems. Chewing on a neem stick keeps our teeth strong and acts as a shield to keep them protected from getting decayed.


  1. Kills Lice

Neem is one of the best components to cure various forms of hair problems. Ayurveda states neem to be one of the most essential and must include ingredients in our hair care routine. It helps one to prevent lice. There are various shampoos or oil available in the market to treat and cure lice but using natural neem leaves and homemade neem oil works at a quicker pace to cure the issue. It is also helpful for healthy hair growth. Applying simple water-based neem paste on hair and leaving it for about 30 minutes can works wonders for hair. Hence applying this basic paste once in 15 days gives a thick and quicker hair growth.


  1. Clear skin

Along with various hair benefits, neem is equally beneficial for our skin. It helps one to easily get rid of pimples, acne, redness, itching, and various other skin problems. Hence many people use neem as a natural face pack to get rid of all forms of skin problems. People also try to use neem-based skin products to keep their skin healthy and glowing. The best way to use neem for healthy skin is to use it as a skin toner. Boil a few neem leaves in water and after a few minutes strain this mixture and store it. Apply this natural toner on the face and neck with the help of a cotton ball.


  1. Helps to lose weight

Though it might sound unusual and a bit weird, but yes neem is also a healthy and beneficial ingredient to lose weight. Being rich in fiber neem helps one to stay fuller for a longer period which is a healthy way to lose weight naturally. Obese people are advised to give a start to their day with neem tea. This natural and healthy drink can help one to burn that stored fat in our body which turns out to be in the form of fatty layers. 


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