What is the difference between essential oils perfume and fragrance oils?

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One should credit marketers across the world to come up with product names as deceive as they can be. The basic difference between essential oil and fragrance oil is that the former is pure and later is fake. Essential oils are plant-based. Often extracted through steam distillation or cold press technique using the different part of plants like flower, seeds, stems, bark etc. On the contrary, fragrance oils are synthetic compounds developed in laboratories and factories. They have no connection to herbs or nature. Often, companies claim their product to be natural by adding just a few drops of essential oil to it but remaining of it would still be some toxic compound.

Almost any smell or fragrance can be created in the laboratory. Therefore, quite often you will hear fragrances like banana, melon, strawberry, musk etc. which are not possible to create otherwise.

Essential oils are often expensive due to the time and technique it requires to create a small amount of oil. Some 46 pounds of rose petals are required to get 100 ml of rose oil. No wonder, science, and business are harnessing this limitation and flooding the markets with synthetic smells and giving them different names to make them appear authentic smells. But we know, they are not.


Are fragrance oils bad for you?

A synthetic cosmetic labeling would mention perfume, fragrance oil, fragrance. These are nothing but different names to chemical compounds that originate synthetic smells when comes in connection to air. One can wonder, how does it matter if something smells good but fake not real.

Good point. But do you know the influence of these fake smells can lead to hazardous body behavior like headaches, dizziness, hyperpigmentation, violent coughing, vomiting, skin irritation, rashes and more? It becomes further worse when these fragrance oils are added to scented candles and these toxic compounds are further oxidized into toxic fumes.

Also, fragrance oil, because they are fake, do not contain any thematic qualities of an essential oil. Like a dab of lavender oil on your forehead or a spray of lavender floral water on the face can take away stress and will make you relaxed and calm. Even children can be given a bath with few drops of lavender essential oil to calm their minds. On the other hand, the synthetic fragrance will activate your smells senses making the body to inhale the compound and add to the discomfort.


Now that we understand the nuances of fragrance oil, we should avoid their usage in air freshers or scented candles, un-natural perfumes with names like morning glory, musk, floral, Japanese flower etc. One way to check on your fragrance or perfume bottle quality, is to check the price of the mentioned essential oils, whether certain fragrance in available or not.


Are fragrance oils all naturals?

No, they are not. They are synthetically made chemical scent compounds. Unlike natural essential oil, fragrance oils are drying and irritating to the skin. One should be extra cautious of using fragrance oils products near kids or toddlers. Many of the pregnant women, you will find will not be able to stand any perfumes or scented candles. This is because during pregnancy your body becomes sensitive and try to avoid any un-natural smells that can cause dizziness or headaches.

Companies are in the business of making them for these compounds are cheap to develop in comparison to essential oil. Also, because the fragrance is factory made in a controlled environment, one can create the same fragrance at every attempt. However, essential oils fragrance, quality, smell, flavor, color keeps changing with the season, crop quality and with every batch of harvest. Some of the very popular essential oils are lavender, rosemary, rose, chamomile, geranium, orange blossom, lemongrass, citronella etc.


Is home fragrance oil essential oil?

Most of the time home fragrance oil are created using synthetic fragrances. This is because synthetic fragrances are cheap and come in various un-natural fragrances like morning glory, sea mist etc which people usually prefer by expecting same sensory effects. To check the quality of the product, please check on the label, if it says fragrance oil, perfumes etc, you know it is fake. If it says 100% natural essential oil or natural water, do proceed by buying and using the product.

A reasonable alternative to home essential oils is to go for floral waters. Floral waters are co-produced during the steam distillation of essential oils and are very fragrant in nature. It also carries the quality of the oil in diluted form. Floral waters can be sprayed on beds, rooms even on the face for quick pick me up to feel. Adds a lot of freshness and calmness in the environment. Do give it a try, once and you will never go back to those fake fragrances.


Which one is better – essential oil or fragrance oil?

Essential oils are not just better but the only choice if you want to expose your body, sensory organs, and mind to natural content only. Fragrance oils are chemical compounds with a fake scent.

At Ayurspace, we sell 100% natural essential oils only. For each batch of oil production, plant harvest is carefully chosen and processed at the optimum time to restore the freshness, fragrance and all threats qualities of the oil. We only produce oil through steam distillation or cold press. The technique depends on the oil extraction recipe. For example, flower oils can be extracted only through steam distillation as they are so fragile to bear any pressure from outside like pressing or grinding. Cold press is used for nut-based oil extractions like almond oil, sesame oil etc. 


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