Erectile Dysfunction Home Remedies

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem which gets worse with age. The rate of impotence is increasing day by day due to a sedentary lifestyle.

  Home remedies are beneficial when it comes to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance higher sexual potency. Few remedies can be easily prepared with available common ingredients and can be experimented without any significant side-effects.

  Let’s have a look at some of the common home remedies for treating erectile dysfunction or male sexual impotence.


Onion, Butter and Honey


Onion is one of the well-known libido boosters. Along with butter and honey, they make a powerful mixture that helps treat impotence or erectile dysfunction.

 Let’s prepare.

 Take a white onion and peel it off. Then crush it and fry in butter. Consume this mixture on an empty stomach with a spoon of honey, preferably after two hours of gap after a meal. This mixture helps treat impotence, premature ejaculation and increase sperm quality.

 Another way is to add black gram powder in onion juice for seven days and leave the mixture to dry. This can be a powerful aphrodisiac and helpful in enhancing sexual performance. It can be consumed regularly.


Carrots, Egg and Honey


No doubt carrots are great for eyes, but they are very helpful in curing impotence as well. Let’s see how.

 Take 150 gm of carrots, finely chopped with a half-boiled egg and a tablespoon of honey. Take this mixture every day once for a month. It helps increase sexual stamina and treat erectile dysfunction.


Ladyfinger, Milk and Candy Sugar


Lady’s finger are considered as a powerful tonic to enhance sexual vigour. 

  Take 5-10 gms of root powder of lady’s fingers with a glass of milk and two teaspoons of ground mishri (candy sugar) daily. It helps restore the sexual vigour if consumed daily.


Drumstick and Milk


Drumstick is used as a sexual tonic to treat sexual debility in men. It also helps treat erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and thinness in semen.

 Boil 15 gm of drumstick flowers in 250 ml of milk. This soup is an effective sexual tonic. Another way is to boil 120 gm of dry bark powder in 250 ml of water for 30 min and mix 30 gm of this powder with one tablespoon of honey in it. You can consume this mixture thrice daily for better results.


Ginger Juice


The juice extracted from ginger juice is a powerful aphrodisiac and can treat various sexual dysfunctions.

 Take half a teaspoon of ginger juice with half-boiled egg and honey. It should be taken every day once at night for a month. It will help get rid of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low sperm counts.


Dried Dates


We know that dates are a rich source of fiber and natural sugar. It also can restore sex drive and vitality in men.

 Mix dried dates with almonds, pistachio nuts and quince seeds in equal quantities. 100 gm of this mixture should be taken daily for better results.


Raisins and Milk


Raisins, especially black raisins, are the excellent source of restoring sexual vigour.

 Wash black raisins properly and boil them with milk. Then consume this for desired results. You can take 30 gm of raisins with 200 ml of milk. The number of raisins will increase gradually upto 50 gm. You can have this thrice a day.




It is known to treat infertility in couples. It also helps arouse sexual desire.

 You can use it as a massage oil or consume it with food. It can even be consumed with milk as well.

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