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Do you enjoy your sex life? Is it something there preventing you to do so? Yes, you’re right. I am talking about erectile dysfunction and many people are suffering from this due to sedentary lifestyle.

Are you one of them? Don’t worry. There is nothing to be ashamed of. There are lots of medications people undergo like taking viagra to undergo surgery, which is totally unsafe.

It’s up to you. Certain lifestyle changes could make a big difference. Though different exercise is recommended for this but do you know certain foods may help keep your penis in motion. They are loaded with specific nutrients which are good for penis health. They increase the blood flow to your penile area and resulting in harder erection. Let’s have a look.


Leafy green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables like spinach help in blood circulation. It is rich in folate, which is known as a blood booster. Folic acid is directly associated with erectile dysfunction as it plays an important role in male sexuality. Additionally, it contains a good amount of magnesium as well, which also helps in blood flow and boosting testosterone levels.


Dark Chocolate

Chocolate, especially dark ones, are rich in flavanols, antioxidant compounds and plant nutrients which can help in blood circulation and lower blood pressure. It also provides nitric oxide to the body resulting in better erections and helpful in erectile dysfunctions.

You have to only pick dark chocolates not any other varieties as other chocolates don't contain flavanoids and also high in sugar and fat. Additionally, it increases sexual desire by increasing serotonin, a mood-boosting hormone and lowers stress levels. It helps in unblocking the arteries and providing smooth blood flow which results in a strong erection.



Nuts are the healthiest snacks. Pistachios are one of them. When it comes to boosting libido and better erection, it plays a very important role. It helps immensely in treating erectile dysfunction.

It contains a high amount of amino acid that increases nitric oxide in the body. Like other nuts say walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, it is a great source of good cholesterol and good for heart, thus good for your penis. If you are munching on pistachios, then you already must be feeling the difference.



Oysters are rich in the mineral zinc and vitamin B6, which are known to boost testosterone levels in men. They are responsible to boost your libido or sex drive.

Research suggests that zinc can improve sperm count and help in treating impotence in men. So, this shellfish has a big role to play.



You crave for this fruit once summer hits, right? And it makes you feel cool and quench your thirst. Well, it not only has coolant effect but also a positive effect on erectile dysfunction as well.

Watermelon is mostly water but the rest is loaded with lycopene which is good for your heart. It contains another compound called citrulline, an amino acid which helps to relax blood vessels and make your erection harder. In the body, it converts to L-arginine and produces nitric oxide, which improves blood flow to the penile area resulting in harder erection.



Tomatoes are very beneficial in male fertility and improving the quality and shape of sperms in men. It is rich with lycopene, an antioxidant which flushes out the toxins and prevents from cell damage in the body. So, it can also be considered as a superfood when it comes to boost sex drive and treat erectile dysfunction.



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