Foods Supporting Healthy Hair Growth

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We all have a skin routine and we religiously follow it too, but do we pay the same amount of attention to our hair? Just like our skin, our hair is sensitive too. It needs the utmost care for healthy growth. Our hair is constantly exposed to dirt, dust, and pollution. Hence it easily accumulates dirt and germs in the scalp. This results in various scalp infections and dandruff. Hence it is necessary to keep hair saved from various climatic conditions. It is also necessary to use the right and suitable hair products. They play a vital role in maintaining hair health too.

Along with hair products our diet plays an important role too. An imbalanced diet is not just reflected on our body but also on our skin and hair too. Unhealthy and junk food results in various hair problems such as the oily scalp, dandruff, hair fall, hair breakage, split ends, and many other problems to name. Hence it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet too. Various food items promote healthy hair growth. Have a look at our Ayurvedic medicinal section to know some useful and healthy medicines to get rid of hair problems:

Some of the Common Hair Problems 

Let us have a look at some of the common hair problems:

  1. Dandruff

Flaky scalp or dandruff can be a cause of embarrassment at times. Hence, we should always ensure that our scalp is dandruff-free and clean. It can be caused due to various reasons such as dirt, dust, unhealthy diet, under-nourished scalp, and various other reasons. Dandruff leads to many other hair problems like hair breakage, dry hair, and rough hair. Hence it is necessary to cure it sooner or else within no time it ends up sucking up all the nourishment of hair.

  1. Hair fall

Hair fall is one of the common and highly observed hair problems. It slowly and steadily results in hair thickening and baldness. Hair fall is also observed because of the use of various chemical-based products. It is also a sign of the unhealthy and high amount of junk diet. Hence it is an alarming sign that one should focus on their diet.

  1. Rough Hair

Rough hair is a clear indication of undernourished hair. Few people avoid oiling hair to avoid stickiness. But it is one of the worst and careless habits for the hair. Dry hair breaks easily and gives overall hair a rough texture. Rough hair accumulates dirt too. Therefore, cleaning them is not a cakewalk. Low nourishing foods are also responsible for rough hair.

  1. Premature Graying

Premature graying is highly observed in youth these days. It can happen due to many reasons such as the use of chemical products, genetic reasons, overexposure of hair to harsh sun, and many other reasons. Hence it is necessary to protect hair from overexposure to the sun. Premature graying is also observed due to the lack and deficiency of vitamin C.

  1. Oily Scalp

An oily scalp can be observed due to excess consumption of oil or oily foodstuff. Oily scalp hence makes washed hair appear oily within a few days of washing them. It gives a shady appearance to the whole hair. These days various products are available in the market to curb the oily appearance of our hair. These products include dry shampoo and various types of conditioners. But one should be careful enough before using these products or should have a look at its ingredients.

Foods Supporting Healthy Hair Growth

Let us have a dig into some of the food items that amazingly help in the growth of hair:

  1. Spinach

Spinach is full of nutrients like vitamin E and C. These essentials are necessary for healthy hair growth. Dry and rough hair can be cured with the help of sebum present in spinach. It is a natural way to provide oil and nourishment to the hair. Excess sebum might make hair look oily hence have a look at the quantity of spinach consumption. The iron content of spinach helps to avoid baldness which is considered as one of the biggest hair issues.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

The delicious and alluring sweet potatoes are healthy for our hair too. this delicious ingredient is full of biotin which helps to absorb protein from the other food items we eat. Sweet potato also consists of sebum which again helps to cure dry, rough, and frizzy hair. Hence try to include this delicious ingredient in your diet at least once or twice a week for healthy and luscious looking hair.

  1. Yogurt

Full of probiotics yogurt is healthy for hair. To gain the benefits of this healthy ingredient one can consume it and apply it for the preparation of various healthy homemade hair packs too. Yogurt is full of vitamin B5 which is another healthy absorbent for the hair.

  1. Triphala

One of the best ingredients for healthy and voluminous hair is Triphala. Haritaki in Triphala acts as anti-bacterial for hair. It also helps to give hair that shine and volume. Triphala churna is healthy for damaged and rough hair. It helps to keep hair thick and promote healthy hair growth.

  1. Flax Seeds

Consumption of flaxseeds is a fad these days. They work as overall nourishment for the body. Flaxseeds consist of polyunsaturated fats that are healthy for our body, skin, and hair. Hence, they help to nourish the skin and hair and avoid dryness too. Flaxseeds can be consumed in any form such as flaxseeds powder, or directly by sprinkling it on your bowl of salad or yogurt.  


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