Fuller’s Earth Clay- Uses and Benefits

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Fuller’s Earth is one of the most useful clays which can be used for various purposes. May it be any work for home, any cosmetic use, or to use it as an absorbent, fuller’s earth is useful in various aspects. The best part of the fuller’s earth is it is not heavy on the pocket and can be afforded easily. Hence many people use it and make it a part of their daily lives. It is considered as one of the best absorbents. It is helpful to absorb harmful components and even oil. 

Let us have a detailed look at some of the uses and benefits of fuller’s earth.

Uses of Fuller’s Earth

  1. Face Masks

One of the best and most common uses of fuller’s earth is in a face pack or face mask. We all suffer from problems skin problems like acne, pimples, blemishes, skin reddening, and various other problems. The basic or the root problems of all these skin issues is exposure of skin to pollution or accumulation of dirt and oil in the open pores of our skin. Hence it is necessary to keep our skin clean and healthy. Fuller’s earth is one of the best ingredients which can help one to resolve such issues and skin blockages. It helps to absorb the excess unhealthy oil accumulated in our skin. There are various skin packs and masks available in the market. It helps to clean the pores from within and remove the oil and dirt from within. Adding a few helpful ingredients such as rosewater, aloe vera gel, lemon, or any other skin-friendly ingredients helps one to get the desired and ever wished for skin texture or quality. Hence it is highly used to make face packs and face masks for clear and healthy skin


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  1. Cleans Oil Stains

Fuller’s earth is not just helpful for cosmetic purposes it is also a helpful option for various other household chores. It is considered as one of the useful ingredients to clear an oil stain. Though we all love oily, spicy, and fried food. We all dread from the oil stains as well. Therefore people are always cautious about their clothes that they do not have an oil or pickle stain on it as it becomes impossible or difficult at times to clean them up. In the same way, cleaning an oil stain or oil spilled on the floor is a tedious task to perform. But fuller’s earth is a rescue in such situations. Just sprinkling the earth over spilled oil or applying a paste simply made up of fuller’s earth and water helps you to get off that stubborn oil stain. Hence it is one of the best remedies to ease your household life as well. 


  1. Used on Movie Sets

Though one might not believe it but it is a fact. Fuller’s earth is also used in a movie or a film set as well. It is useful to show explosions or to represent a person full of dirt. When we watch a scene where the actor is covered up in mud it is the fuller’s earth applied on the skin and clothes of the actor. It is better and healthier for the skin rather than the actual mud. Hence it is a helpful product in such industry as well. It is also used on objects to give them a rustic and worn look. Hence fuller’s earth is an overall useful ingredient. 


Benefits of Fuller’s Earth

  1. Healthy Skin

Fuller’s earth is one of the best ingredients for healthy skin. It helps our skin to stay healthy and oil-free. It is used in the preparation of various face masks and face packs. The face masks made up of fuller’s earth helps one to clear oil from the skin, minimizes the size of the pores, enhances the quality of the skin, and is also helpful for various other purposes. It also works as an antioxidant for our skin when mixed with neem and turmeric. It helps to clear dirt from the skin and makes it brighter and radiant. Winters are the time when many people suffer from dry skin. This problem can also be resolved by mixing some fuller’s earth with water and honey and applying this pack for hydrated skin as part of winter skincare routine. Hence fuller’s earth is one of the best ingredients for beautiful and healthy skin. 


  1. Healthy Hair

Fuller’s earth also is known as ‘Multani Mitti’ in Hindi is not just useful for healthy skin but is also a helpful component for healthy hair as well. It helps one to maintain the strength and shine of hair. The hair follicles remain strengthened and it also helps to add a voluminous look. A simple home-made pack made by mixing fuller’s earth, few drops of lemon, water, and yogurt can works wonders for damaged hair. It helps to reduce hair fall and give our hair an oil-free look too. Hence it is a natural way to keep our hair healthy and bouncy. 


  1. Healthy Body Scrub

A vital way to use fuller’s earth is as a body scrub. Just as we are conscious about our face and hair in the same way we should also be careful about the products we use for our bodies. The soaps and body wash available in the market today dry out our skin excessively and absorb the essential oils from our skin as well. Hence our skin remains deprived of the required nourishment and remains dry. A simple body scrub made out of fuller’s earth and oatmeal can help to not just scrub our body naturally but also moisturize it too. Oatmeal helps one to give the required nourishment to the skin and keep the skin hydrated. It also works gently on the skin to scrub off the dead cells from our body and keep our skin healthy and supple. It also acts as a natural conditioner without drying out the hair excessively and keeping the moisture intact in the roots of the hair. 


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