Garlic- Uses and Benefits

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Garlic is not just an ingredient to enhance the flavor of our curries but also a healthy ingredient useful for various purposes. Garlic is a healthy ingredient to cure knee and joint pains. Homemade garlic remedies are healthy and useful for our health. It helps to lower the cholesterol and is also a healthy ingredient for blood pressure patients. This small white-colored ingredient is also a healthy option for various types of cancers such as colon cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, and breast cancer. Let us have a look at some of the benefits and uses of this ancient Ayurvedic ingredient.

Uses of Garlic

  1. Useful to Flavor Curries

Without garlic every curry or vegetable preparation is incomplete. It is helpful to flavor the curries and adds completeness to it. It is also useful to flavor various other food preparations. People who do not eat garlic try to complete its incompleteness by adding asafetida to the curry. Hence garlic is an important ingredient to flavor and enhances a curry or food preparation.

  1. Full of Anti-inflammatory Properties

Garlic is full of anti-inflammatory properties. It is a healthy ingredient for people suffering from knee or joint pain. Hence people suffering from such type of issue or have arthritis and rheumatism should use garlic in their daily diet. Such people can also opt for a homemade remedy by mixing garlic paste with honey for a quick knee pain relief.

  1. Cures Cold and Cough

Cold and cough are some of the common ailments experienced casually by people of all age groups. But they should not be ignored and immediate steps to cure them should be taken. Garlic is also useful to cure a cold and cough. People suffering from a cold, cough, or flu can use garlic to cure it. Heat sesame oil till the smoking point and add few cloves of garlic to it. When the garlic gets soften a bit then store the mixture in a glass bottle so that the properties of garlic get infused in the oil. Apply this oil on the chest and feet to get relieved from congestion faced due to cold and cough.

Benefits of Garlic

  1. Lowers Cholesterol

Garlic is one of the best ingredients to lower cholesterol naturally. Therefore, people suffering from cholesterol should try to include garlic in their daily diet. It helps to lower the bad cholesterol levels and is also helpful to lower the triglyceride levels. People can consume it by adding it to their food or the best way to attain its benefits is to consume the garlic clove directly.

  1. Helpful for High Blood Pressure Patients

Garlic helps to lower the elevated blood pressure levels. Hence it a natural and Ayurvedic ingredient used for ages to lower high blood pressure naturally. Due to an adequate blood pressure level, it also helps to avoid various cardiovascular diseases by unclogging the veins and arteries. One of the best ways to lower the blood pressure is to roast one or two cloves of garlic and consume it with honey before hitting the bed.

  1. Full of Antioxidants

The ingredient is full of antioxidants. Hence it helps to lower the damage caused to our body due to free radicles. It also helps to boost the immune system by shielding it from various bacteria and fungi. Oxidative properties might cause stress, garlic also helps to lower such symptoms. 


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