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'STRESS' is one of the most serious and underrated health issues. Stress not just disturbs the mental state of a person but also affects the physical health of the individual. Stress is an enormous invitation to mental issues like depression, anxiety, and depressing thoughts. It also affects physical health by making the individual feel tired and out of energy. The person might feel sleepy and lethargic the whole time.

Stress also affects the sex life of an individual. It affects both, the male and the female negatively. A hampered sex life might also abrupt the relationship and hamper the personal life too. Hence a hampered sex life should not be kept hidden or should not be overlooked. One should try to find a solution for it and also ensure the solution is safe for the body and reflect positive results as well.

What is Hashmi Hard Rock Capsule?

Hashmi products are made from pure and herbal ingredients. The brand manufactures products for skincare, haircare, products to cure stomach disorders, and also to improve sexual disorders. Hashmi Hard Rock Capsules are helpful to cure male sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, low libido, and lower stamina. It also helps to improve vigor and make a male feel energetic.

Eventually, all these qualities help to improve sex life and bring back that positivity in life. Hard Rock Capsules are made from herbal ingredients that help one to improve the quality of sperms and also help males to improve their fertility. The capsules are also healthy to cure erectile dysfunction. 

When to use Hard Rock Capsules?

Hard Rock Capsules can be used to cure sexual disorders. It helps to increase the strength and vigor of males to improve sexual activity. It helps to increase the libido too. the capsules are natural and have no side-effects hence they can be used without any worries. There are times when males face erectile dysfunction, at such times Hashmi's Hard Rock Capsules are the best Ayurvedic option to cure it. The capsules are also healthy to firm the penis and last the erection for longer. It helps the individual involved in the sexual activity to feel completely satisfied.

Hard Rock Capsules help to increase the blood circulation in the penis that contributes to a healthy and satisfying sexual activity. The capsules are made from various herbs and Ayurvedic ingredients hence they are completely safe to use too.

Ingredients of Hard Rock Capsules

  • Jamun - Along with being a tasty and savoring ingredient Jamun is a healthy aphrodisiac too. it helps to maintain a hard and stronger erection. Jamun also helps to increase the blood flow in the penis which is healthy for healthy sexual intercourse.
  • White Musli - White Musli is also known as 'Safed Musli' is a healthy ingredient to improve sexual performance. The herb is also helpful for various other health issues like arthritis, diabetes, and even cancer. The antioxidants of the herb help to cleanse the internal system and lower the free radicles of the body. It also helps to increase stamina and vigor for satisfactory sexual intercourse.
  • Bhakdi - The herb helps to increase testosterone levels. It also helps to enhance libido and maintain the erection of the penis. The herb is also helpful to reduce the swelling and irritation of the urinary tract.
  • Shatavari - Shatavari is a healthy herb useful to cure overall sexual performance. It helps to improve all the forms of sexual issues and with the help of its natural properties cure disorders.
  • Ashwagandha - Ashwagandha works as a two-way ingredient to cure sexual disorders. It helps to lower the mental stress of an individual. It also helps to increase libido and improve the performance of a male during sexual intercourse. Ashwagandha helps to lower the mental stress and relax the nerves of the brain.

Side-effects of Hard Rock Capsules

  1. Mild Headaches

If not consumed according to the prescribed dosage Hard Rock Capsules might cause a mild headache. The high amount of energy developed in the body due to capsules might not be suitable for the mental health of the person. It might reflect out in the form of a mild headache or dizziness.

  1. Digestive Disorders

An excessive dosage of Hard Rock Capsules might erupt a problem with digestive disorders.  It might reflect in the form of constipation, loose stools, and inflammation in the body. The heat produced by the capsules leads to digestive problems and make an individual uncomfortable. Hence one should have proper knowledge about Hard Rock Capsules.

  1. Blurry Vision

Blurry Vision is one of the common symptoms of such forms of capsules. Hence people who have vision problems are not advised to consume such capsules. They should always take the doctors to advise and then move ahead with the procedure.


  • The recommended dosage of Hard Rock Capsules is one capsule twice a day preferably after meals.
  • One can also consult a doctor for more knowledge about the product and its dosage.


It is advised to take a proper consultation with the doctor before consuming the capsules.

FAQ's about Hard Rock Capsules

  1. Is the product safe to use?

Hard Rock Capsules are made from natural herbs and Ayurvedic ingredients hence there are no side-effects of the product. Though some of the ingredients might not be suitable for an individual due to allergic reasons. Hence one should not consume the capsules directly without taking advice from a doctor.

  1. In which cases can Hard Rock Capsules be used?

Hard Rock Capsules can be used to cure male sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, lower libido, low strength and stamina, and various such problems. It also helps to cure male impotency and sperm quality.

  1. Is the product a herbal choice?

Hard Rock Capsules are made from natural ingredients like Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Jamun, and many other herbs. These herbs are healthy for an individual without any worries.

Where to buy the product?

One can buy Hard Rock Capsules here:



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