Healthier Swaps for a Healthier Lifestyle

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A healthy lifestyle is inclusive of some form of exercise every day, healthy food, and a healthy lifestyle. It shouldn’t just be followed to lose weight or look attractive, but on the contrary, it should be done to keep our immunity strong and protected from any form of ailment. A lazy and lethargic lifestyle harms us in various ways too. Therefore, exercise along with healthy food should be vital in our daily routine. Though we avoid junk food and consider that we eat healthily might not be that healthier. Let us dig into some ingredients that can be switched with some healthier options and not compromise with the taste too. 


  1. Curd instead of Mayonnaise
    We all love pizzas, burgers, or rolls, especially kids who have a huge inclination for all this stuff. Though there are veggies stuffed in these delicacies they are also accompanied by much other health-harming stuff. One of the unhealthiest ingredients in all these food items is mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is one such ingredient that increases weight quickly. Though it tastes delicious but is not suitable for our body.

Healthier Swap
Instead of mayonnaise one can switch to curd. It fulfils all the qualities of mayonnaise-like it’s creamy, tasty, and has that smooth texture as well. It is one of the best accomplishments with vegetables therefore it can be easily incorporated into these dishes without compromising on taste. Curd has healthy bacteria that are necessary for a healthy gut and a healthy digestive system. So next time you munch on a roll or burger do ensure you make it homemade and involve curd in its preparation.


  1. Mishri or Jaggery Powder instead of refined Sugar
    Who doesn’t love sweet? There might be one in 100 people who don’t like sweets. But excess of sweet intake isn’t good for our health as well. Though we don’t realize unknowingly we consume sugar every day in the form of tea, coffee, or the fruit juices we prepare. Some people are much inclined towards tea hence it increases their sugar intake too. Later this sweet addiction or sweet tooth leads us to one of the most hazardous health problems known as diabetes. Therefore, limited sugar intake is also important for a healthy body.

Healthier Swap
Mishri or Hard Sugar Crystals or Jaggery powder is the best swaps for refined sugar. Refined sugar increases our glucose levels which lead to health ailments like fatigue, headaches, and high blood pressure. Jaggery replaces sugar perfectly as it can be used to sweeten any dish like tea, candies, sweet delicacies, and many other dishes to name. It has various health benefits as well such as an improved digestive system, liver detoxification, and much more. Hence instead of a cube of sugar made tea or candy try jaggery made one, you might like it more.


  1. Rock Salt instead of Refined Salt
    May it be a bowl of salad or any food item we eat it is bound to have salt in it. Salt is one of the most common and highly used condiments. It completes our food. Food without salt is bland and rejected by our taste buds. Hence, it is an integral part of our food. But excess of salt is harmful to our health too. Too much of salt levels up our blood pressure and is accompanied by various other health hazards. It also bloats up our body and increases the weight at a quicker pace.

Healthier Swap
Rock Salt is the perfect swap for refined salt. Rock salt also is known as Sendha Namak in Hindi is unrefined hard salt crystals. They are also available in powdered form for our daily use. This salt is much healthier than the refined one. Hence, a pinch of rock salt is healthier than the pinch of refined salt. Rock salt is in the unprocessed form which keeps all the minerals intact in it. There are also various other health benefits of rock salt such as it helps to improve digestion, boost metabolism and immunity, and many others.


  1. Mustard Oil instead of Groundnut Oil

Oil is another highly used ingredient in our food. May it be a basic soup preparation or a royal lunch we can find the use of oil in all of it. Excessive intake of oil is not healthy for our body as too much greasy food can increase our weight quickly it also increases our cholesterol which is an enormous invitation to various other heart ailments. Therefore, a limited intake of oil is a piece of huge advice given to us often by doctors and health experts.

Healthier Swap
Though oil is not a healthier choice for our body various healthy oils can be replaced with our regular groundnut oil. Mustard oil is one of the best options for our health. It is a healthy choice of oil for our hearts. It is also known to protect our body from infections and flu. There are also numerous benefits of mustard oil for our skin.

  1. Roasted Chickpea Powder instead of Coffee
    Caffeine intake is equal to tea intake. But excess of coffee is dangerous for our health too. It is one of the ingredients whose excess intake can cause hypertension. It also elevates blood pressure. It is also found that excess of caffeine is harmful to women as it may form cysts in the breast.

Healthier Swap
Coffee can be swapped by roasted chickpea powder. Though it might sound unbelievable that’s true. Roasted chickpea powder tastes exactly like coffee and can easily replace your addiction for caffeine. Try it out and give a new twist to your cold coffee.  


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