Try These Best Healthy Sugar Substitutes In 2020

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A human tongue wishes to savor all types of flavors. Few people get addicted to a few flavors like few people have a sweet tooth while few people love to savor spicy food. Some people also like to eat tangy food items like tamarind or curd. The reason for this addiction to specific flavors is the moment we eat something our brain sends signals to our tongue which can recognize the taste and create that addiction for it. Hence the same way when an individual pops on sweet stuff the brain releases a chemical named dopamine. This dopamine leads to more craving for sugar which is not much beneficial for the health.

 Too much addiction to sugar may also be harmful than the addiction to harmful drugs. Though people wish to leave the addiction for sugar but are not able to compromise for the sweet tooth they have. Hence in this blog let us have a look at some of the healthy alternatives of sugar which won't let us compel to avoid the sweet taste and at the same time enjoy the perk of being healthy. 

1. Jaggery

Jaggery is one of the best and healthiest alternatives to sugar. It is made from sugarcane juice hence is preferable for a healthy body. Jaggery can also be used in powdered form to replace it in the form of sugar to add it in tea, or other sweet delicacies. Jaggery is also good for digestion. Hence people who are habitual to pop up on a piece of sweet can enjoy jaggery after their meals as a sweet option which will help to improve their digestion as well. Jaggery is also a natural coolant for our bodies. Hence instead of preparing and lunging on artificial sugar added syrups and canned juices in summers to quench the thirst one can add jaggery powder in a glass of cold water to cool down the temperature of the body and enjoy a relishing and healthy drink for the body. 

2. Mishri

Mishri also is known as Hard Sugar Crystal is also healthy for the body. The mishri available in the sugar crystal form is not the healthier option but one should opt for the raw form which is attached to a thread. People use it highly as a substitute for sugar in rural areas. It also pockets friendly compared to sugar. Mishri can also be powdered and used for day to day purposes like adding it in our daily cup of tea or coffee. One can also use it as an icing sugar while baking cakes, cookies, or pies. Hence next time instead of adding a spoon of sugar in your glass of juice try out mishri powder you won't realize a healthy swap can be such a tasty swap.

3. Stevia Leaves

One of the biggest advantages of a stevia leaf is it is much sweeter than compared to refined sugar and has 0 calories!!! Yes, that's true. Stevia has zero calories and hence is one of the best options to ditch sugar and adopt it. Stevia leaves when digested they do not break down in calories and hence the body doesn't gain that extra fat. Therefore, it is one of the best options for people who are on a weight loss spree. It is also economical compared to sugar as the sweetness 1 to 2 spoons of sugar consists of can be easily attained in half spoon of stevia leaf extract. It can also be used to sweeten anything such as tea, coffee, plain milk, juices, or any sweet delicacy.

4. Palm Sugar

Palm sugar is made from the sap present in the flower bud of a coconut or palm tree. This sap is in a sticky gummy form which is further processed into crystals or even powdered form. This sugar is healthy as it is an unrefined form of sugar. Palm sugar also known as brown sugar works just like sugar and can be added into anything to sweeten it along with being a healthy choice to opt for. It is highly used in southern parts of India in curries, sweet delicacies, or even in their cup of tea or coffee.

5. Honey

Also known as 'Liquid Gold' according to Ayurveda honey is one of the best alternatives of sugar. It is not just a healthy option for our health but is healthy for our skin too. Honey can be equally added in tea or coffee to sweeten without the worry of gaining weight. Being one of the best anti-oxidant it is used in a glass of warm lemon water in the morning to flush out all the toxins from the body. Therefore, the next time you prepare crepes instead of garnishing it with icing sugar try to drizzle it with honey to get that sweet craving healthily satisfied.


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