Healthy Cooking Oils

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Cooking oil is an essential part of delicious and lip-smacking food. Without oil, any food feels incomplete. It forms like the soul of the food. Though there are substitutes of oil or there are food preparations without oil too as they are a healthy option but many people might find them tasteless. Hence to keep enjoying healthy food without compromising with our taste buds we can switch to healthier oil choices, let us have a look at a few of them.

  1. Olive Oil

No wonder Olive Oil is the first and foremost option when we think of healthy oils. It is made up of goodness of olives which are full of monosaturated fatty acids and other nutritive substances for the body. olive oil is full of antioxidants which is healthy and essential for the strength of our immunity system. The use of olive oil helps to remove the blockages from the arteries and veins which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Olive oil is also a natural and healthy option for various skincare and haircare remedies.

  1. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil made from mustard seeds is a high monosaturated fatty acid oil. It is full of healthy vitamins and essentials for the body. mustard oil is highly used in India especially in rural regions due to its high availability and pocket-friendly price. Mustard oil has a high smoking point which adds that delicious touch to any savory dish. It is one of the healthiest oils for people suffering from any kind of cardiovascular issues. Mustard oil is also used for various homemade beauty remedies such as massage on the face for glowing skin naturally. It is also used as hair oil for thick and healthy hair growth.

  1. Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil is another oil full of antioxidants. Hence it is a health-friendly option too. The oil is full of monosaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, it is a highly recommended oil for heart patients. Sesame oil helps to lower the elevated blood pressure naturally without any medications. Toasted sesame oil tastes well and is highly used as a topping and to add a nutty flavor to salads and various food preparations.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is one of the highly used oils in the southern parts of India. Along with being a tasty oil, it is nutritious for our body as well. People following diets like a keto diet or a paleo diet use a high amount of coconut oil to provide the required amount of nutrition to the body. It is one of the best substitutes for butter or margarine. The thick texture of coconut oil helps to spread easily and get mixed into the dough for cookies and bread. Coconut oil also helps to increase good cholesterol.

  1. Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran Oil is made from the covering of the rice. It is a healthy oil for the body with numerous health benefits. Rice bran oil is considered to reduce weight naturally without any damages to our health. It is also considered a good option to keep the heart healthy, fit, and active. Studies also show that oil is diabetic friendly and can be used by diabetic people without any worries.


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