Healthy Munching Options

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Snacking is an activity we all adore of. We all love munching with a cup of tea or coffee. If the munching is healthy then it is guilt-free too, but if we hop on unhealthy munching then it worsens our health. Munching consists of snacks and things that are known as finger-foods. Many people immediately divert their attention to deep-fried snacks the moment they think of munching. But various several other healthy options can replace these deep-fried snacks and allow our health goals to be undisturbed.

Health Hazards of Deep-fried Snacks

  1. High Cholesterol

Deep-fried food though might be alluring for our taste buds but not for our body. Such snacks just increase the cholesterol level of our body and block the arteries and veins with fats. These layers of fats do not allow the proper flow of blood circulation and open the door for tremendous cardiovascular issues. Therefore, apart from eating occasionally, we should avoid deep-fried foodstuffs.

  1. High Amount of Fat

Deep-friend junk food items are responsible to increase our belly fat and also the bad cholesterol of our body. These fats are harmful to the body and do not add to any of the good components. These food kinds of stuff are also a huge invitation for health issues like obesity, diabetes, lethargy, and many such problems. Hence it is always advised to avoid such food items that are health-damaging.

  1. Memory and Learning Problems

Studies also show that junk food can cause an issue with our memory power and functioning of the brain. Junk food is made up of unhealthy fats, ingredients that are heavy for the stomach to digest, and absolutely no minerals or vitamins. Hence such foodstuffs do not add to the nourishment of our body on the contrary they act as a hurdle for our brain and memorizing power.

Benefits of Healthy Munchies

  1. Low Fat

Replacing junk food with healthy munchies help to lower the fat level of our body. Such foodstuff help to add to the nutritional level of the body. Healthy snacks make us feel fuller for a longer time hence we do not feel the urge to eat something repeatedly. Being low fat if we eat a little bit of huge quantity of such snacks there are no issues of an increase in body weight or belly fat.

  1. Light for the Body

Healthy snacks are light for the body and easy for our stomachs to digest. They are made up of a minimum amount of oil or at times without oil too. Such snacks are easily soluble in the blood and are easy for our stomachs for the digestion process. Hence it also helps to avoid any kind of stomach disorders like constipation, diarrhea, loose stools, and many such digestive issues.

  1. Healthy Fats

Healthy snacks are full of healthy fats that do not contribute to the weight gain process. Hence one can munch on them easily without any worries. These healthy fats also help one to feel fuller for a longer time and avoid unhealthy munching.

Healthy Munching Options

After having a detailed look at the benefits of healthy munchies and disadvantages of junk food let us dig into some healthy snacking options.

  1. Peanuts

Peanuts are one of the highly consumed and high in nutrition snack options. They are full of essential requirements of the body like fiber, minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats. This high in fiber snack item is easy to digest and is healthy for the digestive system. Peanuts can be consumed in various forms such as salted, raw, roasted, chocolate dipped, or even by preparing peanut butter out of it.

Peanut butter is loved by children and is healthy for them too. Hence instead of having a bowl of french fries for snacks try to have a handful of peanuts or a peanut butter sandwich for snacking. Both of these options are healthy and filling for the body.

  1. Roasted Bengal Gram

Roasted Bengal Gram or also known as 'Chana' in Hindi is another popular snack. It is a healthy and delicious option for snacking and can be used to prepare various other delicious snack preparations such as chana chaat made by adding onions, tomatoes, and coriander to it. It can also be mixed with puffed rice to prepare another delicious snack item. Bengal gram is full of iron, sodium, and selenium which are some of the healthy and required nutrients for our body.

  1. Fox Nuts

Also known as Lotus Seeds or 'Makhana' in Hindi these seeds are one of the favorite healthy munching options. Fox nuts are full of health beneficial essentials such as proteins and vitamins. Roasted Makhana seeds make a perfect and ideal evening snack with a cup of tea or coffee. Due to its low glycemic index, these nuts are healthy for diabetic people. Ayurveda also states Fox nuts as a healthy aphrodisiac.

  1. Salads

No wonder salads are best and filling for the body. A mixture of various raw veggies is a high source of iron, protein, and high fiber. Hence salads can always be an on the go option for snacking. It is one of the best choices for people who are on a weight-loss spree. Therefore, salads are one of the best options to make for a healthy, filling, and delicious snack. They can be savored with some healthy dressings like lime juice or by sprinkling a crunch element to it like flaxseeds.

  1. Digestive Biscuits

Digestive biscuits are another great snacking options. These biscuits are low in calories and are great for people who wish to reduce weight. The normal biscuits which are made from a high amount of sugar and refined flour, digestive biscuits are full of fiber and are easy to digest. These biscuits are low on sugar hence they are also perfect for diabetic people. When people hear low sugar immediately the thought of no taste pops the mind but, that's not the truth!!! Digestive biscuits are delicious along with being healthy for our body as well.


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