Healthy Remedies to Cure Digestion

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Our body is a complete machine that immediately reacts according to the food we put into it. If we eat healthy and hygienic food then it builds up healthily and flourishingly. But if we eat junk, spicy, and unhealthy food all the time then our body won't accept it positively. Unhealthy food and unhealthy lifestyle are the gateways to various problems and health ailments. Though one loves to eat junk food because of its alluring taste one can also have a healthier swap for it without compromising for the taste. Have a look at our blog Healthier Swaps for a Healthier Lifestyle to know some healthy yet delicious ingredient swaps.

Let us have a look at some of the common health issues an individual faces after high consumption of unhealthy food:

  1. Constipation

Constipation is one of the highest observed stomach issues. It happens when the person is not able to digest the food and the food starts accumulating in the body. the individual is not able to throw out the waste and hence results in constipation. During constipation, the person is not able to pass out the waste of the body and hence face chronic stomachache and even headache if it worsens. At such times one should try to consume fibrous foods and lots of fluid to get rid of the stomach issue. One can also have a look at Ayurvedic remedies to cure the ailment. One can also consume Triphala Hills Tablets for a herbal and natural option.

  1. Indigestion

Indigestion is a process when the person is not able to digest the eaten food. Hence this food is thrown out of the body in the form of continuous watery stools or through vomits. It is an indication of the body that the food is not required for the body hence it needs to be thrown out. It can happen when the individual overeats or the quality of the food was unhygienic. Hence one always needs to keep a check on the ingredients to be put into the body and whether they are suitable for the body or not.

  1. Acidity

Acidity or hyperacidity happens when the digestive juices don't work appropriately to digest the food. The individual feels a burning sensation in the throat. One might also avoid eating and may feel acidic burps too. This also happens due to misbalance in the digestion process. Acidity may include continuous burping and a feeling to defecate at times.

Healthy Remedies to Cure Digestion

Let us have a look at some of the healthy and Ayurvedic remedies to cure and smoothen the digestion process and stay at a bay from such disorders:

  1. Early Dinner

Ayurveda suggests that one should try to have their last meal of the day before sunset. This helps in proper digestion of the food and avoid the above-mentioned health issues. Early dinner also gets proper digestion time. Hence the person doesn't feel heavy or full while retiring to the bed. Ayurveda states that our digestive system works according to the sun. Hence when the sun is at its peak our digestive system is the strongest and when the sun sets it's the weakest. Hence one should try to have a light and healthy dinner before sunset for healthy digestion.

  1. Ginger and Rock Salt

Ginger is one of the treasures of healthy ingredients for the body. It is a great remedy to cure all the digestion issues and have a healthy gut. People who are not able to have an early dinner due to their hectic work schedule should try this remedy. Consume a small piece of ginger with a pinch of rock salt. Perform this remedy just half an hour before the dinner. This procedure helps to instantly activate the digestive juices and aid in having better digestion. Hence people who have weak digestion and often face such issues can also try this remedy for positive and effective results.

  1. Vajrasana

Vajrasana is a yoga posture that involves seating by touching the knees on the ground and both the toes tucked to each other. The person's back should be straight. This posture can be practiced anywhere, may it be on the ground or even on the bed. Vajrasana instantly helps to digest the food. Hence sitting in this posture at least 10 minutes after your meals can works wonders for your digestion. During this period, one can have a talk with their family, read a book, or can even watch television.

  1. Suryabhedi Pranayam

This yogic technique involves to be seated in a relaxed position and close the left nostril with the ring finger and inhale through the right nostril. Hold the breath for about 2 to 3 seconds and exhale it through the left nostril. Perform the technique vice versa too. this yogic technique also helps to activate the digestive juice to aid healthy digestion. Hence one can also perform this pranayam half an hour before dinner.

  1. Sleep on the Left Side

Sleeping on the left side makes the right nostril active. It is a kind of performing suryabhedi pranayam while sleeping. It also helps to increase digestive fire. Sleeping on the left side also helps to keep our stomach in the lower position and does not allow the digestive juices to come up. Hence people suffering from indigestion and acidity should also try this remedy.   


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