Himalayan Shilajit - 11 Benefits for Men & Women and How to take it?

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What is Himalayan Shilajit?

Shilajit is a black sticky substance mostly found in the mountains of Himalayas in countries like India and Nepal. This black sticky substance is a marvel of nature and has valuable medicinal properties. It is found in black-brownish powder form at times as well. This medicinal content has its endless benefits too. The formation of shilajit is a time-consuming process like any other medicinal herb. It is formed by the slow process of decomposition of plants. It is an ayurvedic component. Shilajit is considered as an overall supplement for the body because of its numerous benefits. Shilajit is also termed as Salajit, Shilajatu, Mimie, and Mummiyo in various parts of the world.

The rich and medicinal content was found a century ago this is considered to be a golden gift from Ayurveda. Shilajit has not only been found in India and Nepal but also various other countries like Northern part of Chile, Afghanistan, Russia, and Tibet. These countries have also found this functional component. A perfect shilajit dosage for the body is the perfect way to live a healthy and fruitful lifestyle. It is also considered as a rejuvenator and a natural anti-ageing remedy. It also has antiseptic properties too. 

It is rich in fulvic acid, which helps to balance cellular electrolyte of our body. Hence it is beneficial for the out body in various forms. Fulvic acid is one of the active components of shilajit. The primary function or property of shilajit is to provide energy and stamina to one’s body, along with various other nutritional benefits. It also maintains the vitality of our body.

Along with fulvic acid, shilajit also consists of various other beneficial components such as waxes, amino acids, alkaloids, healthy fats, and resins. All these advantageous components add on to the benefits of shilajit. If this nutritional form of the component is exposed to extreme heat, then it may lose its remarkable factors and may get deprived of its nourishment factors. 

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11 Benefits of Shilajit

This medicinal component has numerous advantageous benefits. It is helpful for an individual in various ways. One of the best benefits of shilajit is that it heals up a medical injury in a natural way. Thus the number of side-effects to be accounted a few compared to a medicinal tonic available in a store. Mentioned below are few of the benefits derived from this magical component. Let us have a look at the mentioned benefits precisely:


Alzheimer’s is a disease which is caused due to the dysfunctioning of the brain. Under such cases, the brain ceases to function correctly the way it should, which causes many obstructions for an individual to perform various activities. 

Shilajit is a natural component that helps an individual affected from the disease to recover soon. The fulvic acid in shilajit helps to avoid damage to brain cells and maintain a healthy nervous system. It also helps to reduce inflammation, which is one of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. 



Testosterone is a male sex hormone. Deficiency of this hormone in a male can be rectified by symptoms such as hair loss, lower sex drive, and so on. Shilajit helps to boost the testosterone level in males and helps to enhance the sex drive naturally without any medications. 



Many of the people face the problem of a lower immunity due to which problems such as weakness, tiredness, fatigue, and many such problems arise. Shilajit helps to provide an appropriate amount of energy to the cells of the body and helps to maintain the stamina of an individual. A disorder known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is caused due to improper functioning of the cells. Hence, shilajit powder helps to provide proper energy to the cells and cease mitochondrial dysfunction. 



If consumed in a proper amount, pure Himalayan shilajit is the best remedy to rid of ageing signs on the skin naturally. It helps to provide skin antioxidants to the skin, which keeps it healthy and radiant. Shilajit also has anti-inflammatory properties. 



Iron deficiency is recognized by many symptoms like frequent loss of blood, fatigue, weakness, headache, and so on. Shilajit helps to increase the iron content of the blood and keep the syndrome at bay. It helps to heal the damage caused by Iron Deficiency Anemia and helps the blood to absorb iron proportionately. 



Shilajit helps the infertile males by increasing the sperms count in a male. Intake of pure Himalayan shilajit is helpful for males to recover the problem of infertility. It is a helpful aid to increase the serum level of testosterone in an infertile male and also shilajit is helpful for female fertility



Shilajit ceases the symptoms of cardiac arrest, which is helpful for a healthy heart. It helps to lower the blood pressure of an individual by lowering the chances of cardiac arrest and various other heart problems. It also helps to lower the hypertension levels of an individual, thus improving the heart health. It is advised to be avoided by healthy individuals not suffering from any heart disorders. 


Along with its multiple uses and advantages, shilajit has also been found productive to burn fat. Obesity is a condition in which the extra weight of an individual pressurizes the bones of an individual and invites various other lethal problems along with it. Purified shilajit has been found useful for people facing obesity. It helps to activate genes in the body in such a way which helps to respond to the workout carried out by an individual. It consists of various such components that work as an anti-obesity ingredient. It helps to enhance the metabolism of an individual and oxidizes the fat. It ceases the process of getting extra calories converted into fats, and thus, shilajit helps in weight loss.



Shilajit has also been found useful to fight some cancer cells. It destroys the dangerous cells, the reason for cancer in the liver. It ceases the multiplication of such cells. It is also considered helpful in various other forms of medical conditions such as cancer pain, gallstones, allergies, and many other medical discomforts. Application of pure Himalayan shilajit in its purest form on a patient who has liver cancer helps the patient to heal up with the disease rapidly and effectively. It has also been found helpful to enhance the nutrition absorbing capacity of an individual. 



Shilajit has been found helpful to reduce gastric ulcers. It also helps to lower the inflammation caused due to these gastric ulcers. It is found to be filled up with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has medicinal components that heal up the viruses affecting the respiratory tract of an individual. 



Shilajit is also known to lower down the stress levels of an individual. Having the right amount and the pure form of shilajit can help an individual to lower down the stress levels caused due to various reasons. The reasons for stress can be many such as work pressure, family pressure, peer pressure, emotional pangs, and so on. All these symptoms can be worked out in a definite form if the fair and correct amount of the wonder resin is consumed. Thus it is also valuable for people suffering from depression. It helps to slow down the hypertension activity taking place in the brain and thus leading wide doors open for stress and anxiety. It provides loads of antioxidants and nutrient content in the body, which helps to relieve stress and relax the hyper tensed nerves. Shilajitworks effectively on the emotional regions of the brain, making a positive way for energy to lower down the pumped up anxiety levels of an individual. 

Hence, the medicine is considered to be an all-rounder one as it heals up many of the problems, may it be a disorder of the skin or hair externally or cleansing of the liver, preventing the heart from getting attacked by various diseases internally. The right amount of this resin can work wonders for an individual and also helps to get rid of some significant health problems in a natural and ayurvedic way without any harm. 


Risks and Side-Effects of Shilajit

As we all know that, ‘every coin has two sides’; in the same manner though there are numerous benefits of shilajit, but there are also many disadvantages of the product too. Pregnant ladies or toddlers should not consume it before consulting a doctor. The medicinal component, though short, do have a queue built up of its side-effects too. Let us have a look at the drawbacks of the wonder resin:

  1. SHOULD NOT BE CONSUMED IN A RAW FORM: Though it is said that few of the things should be eaten raw without any filtering or being processed like raw honey, consuming fruits rather than packed fruit juices, and many such things, but there are also few things which should not be consumed raw or unprocessed. Raw or unprocessed shilajit can harm a human body. It may contain some elements which might not be suitable for a human body. Consumption or unprocessed shilajit may cause radicals, growth of fungus, which is enough to make an individual sick. 
  2. NOT TO BE COMBINED WITH AN IRON SUPPLEMENT: Shilajit is a great iron supplement. It has much iron and thus should not be consumed along with an iron supplement. An over supplement of iron may lead to a queue of other diseases to be followed. The high amount of iron may lead to health disorders like liver diseases, heart attack, heart failure, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, and many others to name. High iron content also leads to the symptoms causing Alzheimer’s too. Symptoms of a high amount of iron in the blood can be detected in the following ways, such as:
  3. Chronic fatigue
  4. Joint pain
  5. Abdominal pain
  6. Liver cancer
  7. Irregular heart rhythm
  8. Hair loss
  9. Depression
  10. Elevated blood sugar

Providing a pure product is the duty of the seller of the product, and consuming the appropriate thing is the right of the consumer. However, there are times when a seller lacks the responsibility of providing the right product. Pure Himalayan shilajit is not readily available in the market at times. People who wish to consume shilajit for their body problems do opt for shilajit found in a powder or tablet form available at a low price in the market. However, one should not consume such products without a proper doctor’s prescription. Consuming shilajit unnecessarily is also harmful to the body. Primarily one should not consume the readily available capsules or powder available in the market. Hence shilajit is a product whose purity matters the most before its consumption. 


Usage of Shilajit

Shilajit has numerous uses. It is not just useful to increase stamina or pump up the energy levels of an individual. It is also helpful for various other symptoms or disorders of the body. Let us peek into the other advantageous factors of Shilajit:

  1. Primarily it is used to for the people who feel tired and feel weakness. Shilajit helps to raise the stamina and energy levels in an individual’s body.
  2. Used by men to improve sex drive due to low libido. 
  3. Used to treat liver cancer and various other equivalent diseases.
  4. Helpful to boost immunity.
  5. Gets body adaptive with the workout regime and gain proper benefits of the exercise. 
  6. Helps to improve the brain functions.
  7. The antioxidants in shilajit aid detoxifying and cleansing the body. 
  8. Shilajit is full of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiviral properties as well. 
  9. It is helpful to regulate the blood sugar level of an individual suffering from diabetes or high sugar.
  10. The right amount of shilajit is also helpful to cure a cold.


How to take Shilajit?

Consumption of any component over the top or more in quantity does cause trouble. May it be a physical or an emotional aspect, anything over the top is harmful to an individual is harmful. In the same manner consumption of shilajit in the right amount is also useful to get the right benefits out of it as well. 

Various studies suggest various remedies and different amount according to the body weight of an individual. Shilajit is also considered useful and safe for animals and plants as well. Hence, not only humans but it is also animals and plants can grab the benefits of the medicinal herb as well. It is available into liquid and powder form as well. The market is full of the duplicate item; hence one should be careful enough to select the correct and appropriate item to gain the maximum health benefits out of the product. The liquid form of shilajit can be used with water, milk, or raw honey too. According to a clinical study, the proper amount of consumption shilajit is 300 to 500mgs a day. 

The study also reveals that consuming shilajit with milk early morning with an empty stomach is the most effective way to experience the benefits of the resin. It can also be consumed before every meal. One should be careful enough while consuming shilajit with water. The water to be consumed should not be contaminated as it may have adverse effects on the body. It is stated that the safe amount of shilajit to be used is 150mg for adults and 50mg for kids. The safe amount of shilajit for pets is 1.5mg according to the weight of the animal while 150mg for plants per gallon of water twice a month is the appropriate amount. The advantageous herb can also be used by elder people as 150 mg per day as a safe amount. 

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a lot of significance in India, and nowadays people all over the world have become quite acquainted about Ayurveda and its benefits. Ayurveda is just like a box of treasure. It is that branch of medicine and science that has keys for all the problems. May it is a problem related to outer or even the inner side of the body, Ayurveda has the solution for all the obstructions. May it be a skin disease or a disease related to the inner system of the body, every problem can be cured or every injury can be healed with the help of Ayurveda.

Natural ingredients such as turmeric, saffron, neem, jasmine leaves, sandalwood are prestigious for the skin whereas the unending list consists of various other natural ingredients such as amla, bhringraj, reetha, coconut, aloe vera, methi, jojoba are like holy nectars for our hair. Ayurveda has a long and unending queue of such ingredients that can blow up one’s mind by astonishment. In this long queue one such, another helpful and magical ingredient is the magical ‘SHILAJIT’.



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