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In today's world, people are conscious of every aspect. May it be beauty, health, or the way of living people try to absorb the best of the services. In the same manner, people have become conscious about their looks as well. May it be any skin problem like blemishes, acne, dark spots, aging, or dark circles, it just a matter of time to appear on skin and people immediately panic about it to get rid of it. One such major skin problem accounted for is dark circles.

Dark circles are the pigmentation marks caused under eyes due to various reasons. These dark circles may look such dark in appearance that it may ruin your face's beauty. Hence many people immediately start using various remedies to hide these marks. Many women try using makeup as a savior to hide their dark circles. But these tricks are not the permanent solution to get rid of such problems. One should try to identify the root cause of the problem and then work on the solution accordingly.    

Causes of Dark Circles

Let us have a glance at some of the root causes of dark circles which may hamper the beauty of our skin.

  1. Poor Sleeping Schedule

One of the foremost and concrete reasons for dark circles is inadequate sleep. Improper sleeping habits cause the tiredness of the body. Hence they affect an individual in various ways such as by causing irritation, tiredness, improper concentration, improper health, and various other side-effects. One's lifestyle may also not allow an individual to have enough sleep. Hence it is necessary to have enough sleep to have a proper health and peaceful mind.

  1. Allergy

Allergy is another cause of dark circles. Reaction to any medicine or edible material may show up on our face in the form of dark circles. These dark circles may show up on our faces and ruin the natural beauty of a face. This depicts various forms of allergy caused. Hence it can also be accounted for as a reason for this facial problem.

  1. Thinning of the skin of eye area

This reason might be accounted for as a weird one but it can't be denied as well. Thinning of skin near our eye-area may also be the cause of dark circles. Hence one should take care of the skin under the eye area as well. The skin around our eyes is sensitive hence it should be taken care of properly. As soon as our skin gets undernourished it starts getting darker pigmentation. Therefore it is also one of the reasons dark circles.

  1. Exposure of skin to sunlight

UV rays are the biggest enemy of our skin. Hence people today are well aware of its side-effects and try to protect their skin as much as possible from these harmful rays. These rays are detrimental to our skin. Hence one should apply sunscreen before stepping out of their houses. Though whatever might the season be one should apply sunscreen to protect the skin from these ultraviolet rays. Extreme sunlight is also another reason in the queue of causing dark circles to an individual.

  1. Dehydration

Another biggest cause of dark circles can be dehydration. Water is considered to be the root of the solution to all forms of skin problems. Hence its deficiency is also considered to be the root of every skin problem. Dehydration makes our skin look pale and dull along with causing dark pigmentation spots under our eye area. Therefore to avoid such kind of circumstance one should enough water.

Home Remedies to Cure Dark Circles

Ayurveda is the box of numerous and infinite home remedies to cure internal or external diseases. May it be a burn, cut, or a wound, Ayurveda has the solution of all forms of obstacles. Let us have a look at some of the amazing home remedies to cure dark circles.

  1. Cucumber Paste 

Let us have a look at this cool eye pack to cure dark circles.


Cucumber- 1

Aloe Vera gel- 1 teaspoon


 Take one cucumber in a blender and blend until it is crushed. Add one teaspoon of aloe vera gel into it until it is turned up into a smooth mixture. Apply this cool and soothing paste under your eyes for about 10-15 minutes. Later rinse your face with normal water.


 Benefits of the Remedy

The remedy consists of cucumber and aloe vera. These ingredients help one to keep their skin healthy and beautiful. Therefore a pack made out of such healthy and useful ingredients is sure to heal your skin and provide it with full of nutrients and essential vitamins. One can apply this paste every day before retiring to bed.


  1. Tomato Paste

This paste made out of tomato pulp is sure to cure your under-eye pigmentation problem. Let us go through the remedy.





Make the pulp of tomato. Add one lemon juice to it by squeezing it into the pulp. Apply this mixture on your hand a bit to identify its suitability with the skin. If it is suitable and does not cause any irritation then it can be applied under the eyes. Keep it for about 15-20 minutes until the mixture dries. Later wash it off with water.

Benefits of the Solution

This pack consists of tomatoes which are helpful for an individual to reverse the effects of pigmentation on our skin. It also consists of lemons which are helpful to lighten our darker skin area. Therefore one should apply this mixture at least twice a week.

  1. Yogurt Pack

Let us have a glance at some of the amazing benefits of our next under eye pack.



Yogurt- 2 teaspoons

Lemon juice- 1 teaspoon



In a bowl add 2 teaspoons of yogurt. Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to it as well. Apply this on your hand to make a patch test and have a check whether the lemon juice added causes irritation to the skin or not. If it is suitable for the skin then apply it under the eyes and allow it to dry for a couple of minutes. Later wash it off with water thoroughly.


Benefits of the Pack

The pack consists of yogurt which acts as the most basic and powerful component in healing various problems of our skin. Therefore any pack made out of it proves to be miraculous. It can be applied 2- 3 times a week.

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