Home Remedy for Cough, Phelgum or Congestion in Babies

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Baby cough remedy
Congestion or phlegm in the chest can make breathing difficult for babies, usually during the night. Best of the allopathy Medicines takes the time to cure it. Here I am mentioning a simple home remedy for instant relief. This home remedy can also be used for adults.
Ingredients: Honey + Tissue Paper + Mild Warm Towel
 Process: Coat Baby's chest with Honey and cover it with tissue paper. Put a mildly warm towel over it. Remove it after 4 -5 seconds. Again put the warm towel and repeat the process 3 - 4 times. It will dilute the congestion and make breathing easier.
Later wash or remove the honey with mildly hot water. Repeat the process once every day for a week.
 Caution: Ensure the hot towel is bearable for a baby or kid. Test the warmth by placing the towel on your cheeks first.

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