Homemade Remedies to Fight Body Odor

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Body odor is an embarrassing and irreplaceable part of our body. Body odor can occur due to various reasons such as tedious workout session, out in the warm climate for a longer time, high temperature, and various other reasons. Sweating can be low or high for people. Few people have manageable sweating issues which can be managed with the help of perfumes or deodorants. But few people are fed up with their profusely sweating issue which can be marked at times by the sweat marks under their arms.

Such people are not able to manage this high amount of sweat even though they apply a good quality of perfume or deodorant. Even though they bath regularly this issue is not resolved by the root. Sweating is highly supported by the bacteria present on our bodies. Contrarily studies show that sweat itself doesn't have a foul smell it's the bacteria who is responsible for it. Hence keeping the body bacteria-free should be the priority to get rid of body odor. Let us have a look at some of the healthy and natural remedies to get rid of body odor naturally and cure the issue of the root.

  1. Bath Regularly

Though it might sound cliche and illogical but it's true. Bathing regularly helps to get rid of bacteria from the body. the lower the bacteria the lower sweat is profuse with it to kill the body odor. Bathing also helps to get rid of dirt and germs from the body which is also additional factors to add on in body odor. Bathing also washes out the sweat and cool down the body temperature. One can use fragrant soaps and body washes to add on a lingering after bath experience. One can also add a few drops of essential oils in bathing water for natural and fragrant bathing time.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV is a natural remedy to get rid of body odor. The antimicrobial properties of ACV help to kill the bacteria on our bodies and avoid the odor. It is easily available in grocery stores and is low on the pockets too. Being acidic ACV easily kills the bacteria on the body and does not allow it to meddle with body sweat. One can easily use ACV to kill body odor by dabbing a cotton ball in ACV and rubbing it under armpits. One should do this twice a day for positive and effective results. Bacteria form on our body especially in the areas which are sweaty and warm such as armpits, genital area, and neck. Hence such parts are usually sweaty and smelly if not cleaned properly.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another home remedy to cure body odor. The acidic property of lemon helps to kill bacteria and avoid body odor naturally. It can be easily used to kill bacteria by rubbing it on the armpit once a day. The acidic level of lemon juice might be higher for skin textures to bear hence it can also be used by diluting in water. One should not apply this mixture on broken skin because it might irritate the skin. Lemon juice helps to kill bacteria and avoid smelly armpits. Following this remedy religiously for a couple of days helps to show positive and effective results.

  1. Homemade Deodorants

Deodorants or perfumes available in the market might not be suitable for all skin types. Few people have also experienced darkening of skin after regular use of deodorants. Such products are made from skin-damaging substances and parabens which might eliminate the body odor for a shorter time but are not healthy for the skin. Hence one should try to make homemade deodorants with the help of infusing essential oils in water and storing it in a spray bottle. Apply this mixture on clean skin for effective results.

  1. Maintain a Personal Hygiene Routine

A hygiene routine is one of the simplest and obvious ways to keep body odor at a bay. It helps to get rid of sweat easily and wash-off the chances of the formation of bacteria on the body. one should always ensure to wear clean clothes. Dirty clothes are one of the first ways to stick bacteria on our own body and allow it to mix it with sweat to form odor. One should always shave their armpits and genital areas to avoid sweat. This also helps to avoid the formation of bacteria. It is advised to wear loose and comfortable clothes during summers. This helps to avoid sweat and again acts as a barrier between bacteria and odor.

Reasons for Body Odor

There are certain unavoidable reasons one should pay attention to avoid body odor. Let us have a look at a few of them.

  1. Skipping Baths

There are times when we don't feel like to bathe. Either we feel too lethargic to bath or our laziness stops us from doing it. Skipping baths might allow our body to warm up more and providing a more comfortable zone for bacteria to grow. This immediately mixes with the body sweat and eliminates an unpleasing smell. Hence to avoid body odor the basic step is to bathe regularly.

  1. Workouts or Tedious Work

Workout sessions are always sweaty. Though one might exercise in an air-conditioned room a tedious session always sweats out your body. Exercise warms up your body which is the best base for bacteria to grow, while on the other hand sweat adds on to the odor too. hence one should always have a shower after a workout to lower the body temperature and wash-off the germs and bacteria from the body.

  1. Tight Clothing

Few people tend to wear tight clothes and undergarments which do not allow their skin to breathe. When the skin feels suffocated it immediately sweats and starts to eliminate odor. Hence one should avoid tight and fitted clothes. At least one should avoid tight clothes at home and allow the body to feel relaxed, especially in summers. One should also wear comfortable undergarments to avoid sweating in the genital area.  


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