How to Cope Up With Anxiety? Diet to Follow

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Introduction to Anxiety

Anxiety can be termed as a word, feeling, or expression that makes a person feel less confident or low about oneself. It is an expression that immediately makes one aware of the thought of being nervous about something. Anxiety can also be termed as a group of emotions which makes one move towards the path of negativity and feeling depressed all the time. It can be seen or experienced in various forms. It can also be expressed according to different situations like anxiety before facing the stage for a presentation, conducting a meeting among high-end officials, family issues, or personal issues are also a part of it. 

Anxiety can lead to mental disturbance. It doesn’t allow one to pay attention to the work or gather complete concentration to perform a task. Hence it can also fill up a person with negative thoughts. Therefore one should always try to stay positive and have blooming thoughts to avoid such kind of circumstances. 

Side-Effects of Anxiety

Let us have a look at some of the side-effects of anxiety.

  1. Depression

It is one of the foremost symptoms of anxiety. The person affected by anxiety is also filled up with depression. A depressed person is always up with negative thoughts, is always filled up with sorrows and lowering memories. Therefore such a person should always be surrounded by people having positive thoughts and people with a cheerful and positive attitude. 


  1. Blurry Vision

A person affected with anxiety often cries as well. This makes the vision of the person blurry. This makes the person experience a hazy vision and improper vision. The person may feel uncomfortable carrying out daily routine work. Therefore passing out continuously makes a person feel irritated eyes and itchiness in the eyes may also be experienced. 


  1. Restlessness

The impact of anxiety can be termed as restlessness. The person may feel the urge to talk to someone, share feelings with someone, suddenly cry out loud, or any other exhausting activity. The individual may not feel peace at a soul or maybe continuously agitated about some of the other things. The affected person doesn’t like to talk to many people, socialize with people around them, and so on. 


  1. Headaches

The obvious symptom of anxiety is a headache. When a person is too conscious about something and is on a continuous spree to think something again and again then it turns out into a headache. Headache may distract one to concentrate on a task to perform. Hence, it is necessary to keep one’s mind calm and relaxed. 


  1. Sleep Problems

A person is depressed the individual is not able to bring out the negative thoughts about the incident immediately. It takes time to get completely healed and remove the thought of it. Negativity is stuck hard to the soul. Hence all these problems turn out into obstacles and hurdles while trying to have a deep and peaceful sleep. 

Diet to Follow in case of Anxiety

Not only preventive measures but also a healthy and proper diet also helps an individual to cope up with anxiety. Under such circumstances, the individual may not feel to eat or have something. But it is the responsibility of the people around to take care of the individual and feed the person with nutritious food.

 Let us have a look at some of the important foodstuffs which are required during such medical conditions:

  1. Nuts

are the best source of Vitamin E for our body. It consists of selenium which is helpful in case of anxiety. Selenium helps one to control and soothe down the anxiety pangs and effects. It also helps one to control the mood disorders caused due to anxiety. One of the biggest obstacles caused due to anxiety is depression. Nuts contain a high amount of antioxidants which are helpful to control the improper mood swings. Nuts also consist of essential oils to nourish our body as well as the brain under such circumstances. Therefore it is one of the highly suggested and recommends food items to consume under situations of anxiety, depression, mood swings, and such mental conditions.



  1. Fish

No doubt fish has a high amount of beneficial nutrients for our body. It is helpful to provide a rich source of Omega 3 to our body. It is a helpful food item to soothe and relax our brain nerves. Hence it is helpful to calm our nerves down and stay in a positive mood. Fish is beneficial for our body in various other ways such as to improve heart health, to lose weight, to cure obesity or heart problems, and so on. Therefore it is also considered a superfood as well. It consists of essential fatty acids that are helpful for anxiety or depression patients. 


  1. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds also consist of one of the nutritional nuts. They are a rich source of potassium which is helpful for people suffering from anxiety. They help to manage blood pressure which might be a bit high under such circumstances. In the case of anxiety or depression, a person may not be healthy mentally, therefore, they help to cure one’s mental health as well. The nerves of our brain may not function properly because of a strained mind, therefore, pumpkin seeds help to calm down our brain nerves and help to soothe our minds. 


  1. Turmeric

The king of spices in an Indian kitchen, turmeric is not just a spice but also a healthy and helpful ingredient to cure anxiety. It has a mild flavor and hence is easily blended in any food item. It has a healthy component named ‘Curcumin’ to heal down inflammation caused in our body. Therefore this traditional Indian spice is a marvel to cure and heal many such health issues. 


  1. Yogurt

One of the most healthy food options and delicious as well, ‘Yogurt’ is another helpful food item to heal anxiety disorder. Many people face the problem of low mood swings in case of anxiety and depression. Yogurt is the perfect healer to heal low mood swings and fill up an individual’s mind with cheerful and positive vibes. It helps one to heal with soothing and calming effects and reduce one’s stress, anger, and depression attacks. 

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