How to cure Gout through Ayurveda

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‘Ayurveda’ a well-renowned way to cure diseases is not just practiced on a higher scale in its country of origin, but also other parts of the world. Hence it considered a reliable science to cure our physical as well as mental problems. A human is a complex machine that needs proper maintenance at the proper time. It might also dysfunction at times if not taken accurate care of. Hence Ayurveda should be encouraged on a larger scale as it has the herbal answers to all your questions. It is known for its herbal and natural remedies. Many people do not prefer medications for their ailments thus Ayurveda is a perfect solution for them. May the ailment be physical or mental; Ayurveda is the perfect remedy for each health obstacle. Therefore it should be preferred by people especially by those who are allergic to any form of medication.




Gout is a form of skin reaction caused due to an excessive increase of uric acid in an individual’s blood. The joint where uric acid gets crystallized in the body it forms the skin to rise a bit higher which swollen the joint and makes the skin appear reddish in shade. It may also further lead to a kidney stones or kidney damage. Hence it should be immediately taken care of and should not be neglected. The crystallization of uric acid is the main cause of a gout attack. Most probably people addicted to meat and alcohol are more prone to get attacked by gout. Hence one should have a balanced intake of meat along with other fruits and vegetables in their diet to avoid the occurrence of such kind of a skin disorder. Gout may be painful at times and may keep on increasing day by day. Therefore one should take care of disorders take preventive measures accordingly to cure it. Intake of Vitamin C rich foods is helpful enough to cure gout.

Let us have a look at some of the major reasons that cause gout:


  1. Genetical disorder

Health disorders are carried ahead in our family. If a family member suffers from a disorder it might be reflected, other members. Hence such a form of health disorder can be abbreviated as a disorder in genetics. Therefore it can also be a reason for a person to suffer from gout.


  1. Food Habits

An uneven food habit is another major reason for the formation of gout. People addicted to meat or seafood are more likely to get attacked by this disorder. People who intake alcohol on a higher scale are also on the verge of getting attacked by gout, therefore, one should have a limited intake of such kinds of food and beverage material.


  1. Weight Issues

Suffering from overweight are also prone to get gout. Such people have a higher amount of uric acid and hence are more likely to suffer from it. Therefore weight also plays a crucial role in the cause of this disease.

After a glance over the basic information and causes of gout, let us have a look at a few of the Ayurvedic remedies to cure the disease.


  1. Triphala

The word ‘Triphala’ means made up of three fruits which are usually Bibhitaki, Amalaki, and Haritaki. These fruits are beneficial on a higher scale for our body hence they can be consumed on a higher scale to relieve any kind of body disorders. They are anti-inflammatory hence helps to relieve the inflammation of our body. Triphala is also considered to be one of the best remedies as it is a natural way to cure the disease rather than the intake of any kind of medication.


  1. Giloy

Giloy is a form of the veil with heart-shaped green-colored leaves. These leaves are helpful to lower your sugar levels along with many other health benefits as well. The juice extracted from the stem giloy heals one to neutralize the uric acid of the body. Hence it proves to be helpful in lowering one of the biggest causes of the ailment. Giloy has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Therefore it is proven to be a helpful component to heal the effects of gout. Gout is one of the painful diseases and hence may cause a reason to worry about it. Giloy helps an individual to get relieved from pain and stay calm and relaxed.


  1. Neem

Neem is a multi-purpose component. It is one of the beneficial components for every ailment. One of the best properties of neem is its cooling effects. It helps one to heal the flare-ups caused by gout on the skin. Applying the paste of neem over the area affected by gout helps to relieve the redness of the skin and also helps to heal down the flare-up caused. Neem is anti-inflammatory in nature as well. Hence it helps to heal the inflammation caused in our body. It can also be used in the form of oil and capsules as well as a handy way.


  1. Cherries

There are many such fruits and vegetables which are utilized to heal an individual’s health problems. One of them is cherry. Though many people may not consider a small fruit like cherry as a beneficial one it has the nutrients which can help one to treat the disease in a healing manner. Cherries help one to lower the uric acid instantly and in a helpful way. Cherry juice is proven to reduce the level of uric acid in one’s body. Hence it can also be stated that it suppresses the reasons and causes of the formation of gout in our body. It is also advised to include cherries in our diet regularly to avoid the flare-ups caused by the disease.


  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is another helpful and highly useful component in Ayurveda. It has an active component named Curcumin in it. It is helpful to not just give an authentic taste to our meal but is also helpful to cure many of our health problems too. People suffering from arthritis and gout are advised to consume turmeric. It helps to lower the inflammation which helps to relieve down the flares caused by it. Therefore it is considered to be another magical ingredient in fighting gout.  

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