How to Get Fair Skin Fast Permanently?

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There is no shortage of people that are quite comfortable with their actual skin colour. However, there are also many that look forward to having fair skin. It is, therefore, necessary learning how to get fair skin fast permanently. It may be possible by following some beauty tips. It is essential that one gets fair skin naturally in a healthy manner without getting some adverse after effects. That is why it is not advisable using harmful chemicals and synthetic components for getting fair skin. In many cases using such products can result in adverse effects on the surface of the user that might end up with damaged skin at the end of it.

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Things to Know About Getting Fair Skin
It is the melanin pigment concentration that causes all the variations in the skin tone in human anatomy. To get smooth and fairer skin, it is not necessary opting for expensive spa or facial beauty products. On the contrary, there are several home remedies made with readily available components that make all the differences in the process of getting skin color changes. Most of the ingredients used in preparing these natural remedies for getting fair skins are household articles like honey, potato, tomato, cucumber, lemon, saffron, and such others. The best part of it is that these remedies do not create harmful after effects for the users.

Here are some of the best ways of getting fair skin fast and naturally.

  1. Lemon the Natural Bleaching Agent: One of the best natural and home remedies for getting fair skin is the lemon, and the best part of it is that the component is available in almost every kitchen. Scrubbing half a lemon every day on the face can quickly lighten the skin tone. It is simple as well as a very effective way of getting fair skin.
  2. Potato Juice as Natural Bleaching Agent: Like lemon, potato juice is also a natural and effective bleaching agent. Rubbing the juice of one potato regularly on the face can improve the skin colour gradually and make it fair coloured.
  3. The pulp of Mashed Tomato for Fair Skin: Using the flesh of mashed tomato can also improve fair skin. While lightening the skin color, it can also develop a pink glow.
  4. Honey and Lemon Juice Mix for Fair Skin: One of the most effective natural products that help developing fair skin fast and naturally is the combination of honey and lemon juice that works as excellent bleach for the face.
  5. Cinnamon and Honey for Fair Skin: Combining a little amount of cinnamon with a half teaspoon of honey creates one of the most effective treatments for developing fair skin for the user.
  6. Cucumber Lemon Juice Mix for Oily Skin: Using bleach on oily skin could be a problem but using a combination of cucumber pulp and lemon juice could be a very effective natural solution for people with oily skin.
  7. Curd for Skin Color Lightning: One of the best home remedies for getting lighter skin is curd that is rich in both lactic as well as zinc acid. It works as a natural bleaching agent for creating fair skin.
  8. Fresh Coconut Water for Lightening Scars on Skin: One of the best home remedies for lightening the scars on the skin on the face is clean coconut water. Regularly washing face with fresh coconut water can gradually lighten the skin scars and tone up the fairness of the skin.
  9. A mixture of Saffron and Olive Oil as Fairness Mask: A little amount of saffron mixed with olive oil constitutes great fairness mask for getting fair skin.
  10. Fairness Mask Combining Almond Oil, Milk Powder, and Lemon Juice: Apply mask of milk powder, almond oil and lemon juice for 15-20 minutes regularly can considerably improve the skin fairness.
  11. Honey and Cucumber Juice for Dry Skin: People with dry skin can use honey and cucumber can help improve skin color fairer and lighter.
  12. White of an Egg for Fair Skin: Using white of an egg on the skin of face at least twice a week can effectively improve the color making it fairer.
  13. A mixture of Tomato, Curd, and Oatmeal for Skin Lightening: One of the top skin lightening face packs is the combination of tomato, curd, and oatmeal.
  14. Lemon Juice with Tomato Pulp for Lighter Skin: Mashing a ripe tomato and adding a few drops of lemon juice to it and applying on skin can help develop lighter skin.
  15. Papaya, Honey, Milk Powder, and Milk for Oily Skin: Combination of papaya, honey, milk powder, and milk makes a great mask for developing lighter skin and fairness. 

Getting Instant Fair Skin Even Faster

The above 15 ways can develop fair skin, but most of them require some time to show the effects. However, some people desire to have fair skin even faster as they do not want to spend much time on the achievement of the objective. Good news for such people is that there are specific home remedies that can deliver results in as little time as a week only. Here are some of the most effective home remedies that can help the user to get fair skin faster. 
  1. A mixture of Milk and Banana: Applying a combination of milk and banana before going to sleep can help develop fair skin pretty fast. While banana works as a natural bleach, the raw milk works as a natural cleanser. To make the application more active, the user can add some rose water into the mixture that will have a soothing effect on the skin. Results would be visible within 5-7 days making the skin color lighter and glowing.
  2. Baking Soda and Water as Natural Bleach and Cleanser: After cleaning the face thoroughly, one should apply baking soda mixed with water and let the mixture sit for around 15-20 minutes on the face skin. Baking soda mixed with water gives natural bleaching effects, and water is the best natural cleanser. The combination works well to provide results within a week at the most.
  3. Water for Keeping Skin Hydrated: Drinking at least ten glasses of water daily can keep the anatomy, and more fundamentally, the skin hydrated maintaining a balance of hormones. It is instrumental in getting fair skin and removing dark circles below the eyes. Many people develop dry skin and dark colored skin for not consuming enough water daily.
  4. Sandalwood Oil to Remove Skin Spots: One of the main reasons for dark skin is the skin spots developed due to carelessness. Using sandalwood oil on them can eliminate the puffed up skin spots effectively. It can be used with other natural bleachers and cleansers to get fair skin faster and naturally.
  5. Gram Flour Paste for Fair Skin: Combining gram flour paste with lemon juice and milk makes one of the best ingredients as a face mask for fair skin. It is to be applied for 15-20 minutes and then washed out.

All the above natural remedies for fair skin, if practised religiously can help achieve a glass looking naturally beautiful skin colour. Do follow common knowledge of not exposing skin to harsh Sun or chlorinated water pools. Also, avoid dehydrating intakes of alcohol and smoking. Happy Skin!

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