How to Get Faster Hair Growth in a Month?

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Everyone desires that his or her hair grows faster and longer but the question is; how to ensure such feat. It has nothing to do with the 2019 trend of having short hairs because short hair does not mean that the hair should not be thicker and stronger. There are also many that prefer still having longer hairs. Both types of people need stronger and thicker hair growth in order to avoid baldness of the scalp. Hair fall and thinning hair are one of the problems for millions of people and when hair growth does not compensate the hair fall, the result is fast developing baldness.

Hair Growth Can’t be Ensured Overnight

One of the things to take note of is that hair growth cannot be achieved overnight. The normal rate of hair growth is in the range of quarter-inch to half-inch per month according to the experts. Also; getting long hair is possible only when the hair is extremely healthy and does not have many split hairs. This does not mean the aspirants should lose heart and hope as it is possible to have faster and healthy hair growth if one follows the right process to achieve the objective. The necessity is to have patience and endurance and wait and watch for healthy and faster hair growth.

Using Supplements for Hair growth

Many people use supplements and vitamins for hair growth. However, they should understand that such supplements and vitamins cannot work miracles and they should never be used without consulting the doctor. This does not mean that hair growth supplements and vitamins do not work at all. On the contrary, there are some high-quality products that work really well especially with proper diets and a healthy lifestyle. People on a balanced diet will have the hair growth ingredients available in the best of hair growth supplements. These ingredients include biotin, folic acid, and vitamins A, C, D, and E. However, people not having balanced diet or suffering from stress and strains cannot get hair growth ingredients internally and that is where the hair growth supplements and vitamins can be useful with their contributions to the anatomy. One of the reasons is that human anatomy accepts only what is needed and gets rid of the rest. To sum up; one needs the proper quantity of nutrients for healthy and faster hair growth and when the body does not get them normally, depending on qualitative nutrients can be obtained from hair growth supplements.

Check with Your Doctor First

A basic necessity is checking whether a person is deficient in form of nutrition. It is, therefore, necessary checking with the doctor to find out whether there are nutrient deficiencies preventing faster hair growth in a healthy manner and then settle for the matching supplements to make up for the nutritional deficiencies in the anatomy. The gist is that it is necessary using the right supplements to get the best results in healthy and fast hair growth. In addition; it is also necessary ensuring that if the person is taking some other medications and whether the hair growth supplement can result in adverse reactions. A few favored supplements are –

  • Viviscal Extra Strength Hair System
  • SugarBearHair Vitamins
  • HUM Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair Growth
  • Hairfinity Candilocks Chewable Hair Vitamins

The list above is only suggestive and not exhaustive and there are many others that are used for faster and healthy hair growth.

Hair Cutting for Faster Hair Growth

There are many people that consider cutting hairs one of the ways of ensuring faster hair growth and this one has been a long following process. Contrary to the common belief, frequent trimming can adversely affect the faster hair growth objective. The reason is that continuing with split ended and frayed hair would result in further breaking of the hair ending the chance of getting fast and healthy hair growth and it will make the hair look thinner. However, some experts opine that trimming once in 10-12 weeks that can help faster and thicker hair growth because often the uncut hairs may look shorter in comparison.

Using Hair Conditioner and Skipping Shampoo

Many people skip conditioner during showering. But this is a wrong process of washing hair. Cleaning hair regularly is necessary for maintaining the impetus of healthy and faster hair growth. People do not realize that it is a shampoo that affects adversely the healthy hair growth and needs to be skipped instead of the conditioner. The reason is that conditioners can mask split hairs and does not have harmful impacts that are created by the use of shampoo and others. Most of the shampoos are made with harsh sulfates that strip off natural oil from the hair resulting loss of hair and splitting of the hair. While the purpose of using shampoo is to wash away the dust and dirt from hair the harsh elements in it can harm the hair growth and therefore it is necessary using the shampoo on hair sparingly. The step is important to avoid washing out of natural oil that is essential for healthy and faster hair growth.


Washing Hair with Cold Water

According to the experts, washing the hair with cold water can help easy and faster hair growth. Coldwater washes the outer layer of the hair in a more effective and smoothes way and prevents moisture loss, damages from heat, and snags. It is also a time-saving process and it takes only a few seconds and at the same time, it can also make a huge difference in hair growth and maintenance. A little problem this could be for the people living in a cooler climate but considering the advantages, it provides for the process of natural and faster hair growth. Also; after every time one washes his or her hair with cold water; he or she should use a conditioner on the hair. User should understand that over the passage of time use of color and heat drying can result in the hair strands getting thinner at the bottom. This on turn leads to more and more breakage and shorter hair preventing faster hair growth. Treating the hair with hair conditioner can prevent these consequences from occurring. The reason is that conditioner can easily replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft and seals the outer layer of the hair. It is the first line of defense against the damages that can be sustained to the objective of achieving faster hair growth.


Conditioning Mask for Faster Hair Growth

For people with long hair, there is the necessity of more TLC provided by standard conditioners and that is exactly the point where hair conditioning masks step in providing an effective solution for the hair growth aspirant. One of the ways of preparing a pre-shampoo hair conditioning mask at home is mixing one cup unrefined coconut oil with one tablespoon each of almond oil, jojoba oil, and macadamia. As oils are supposed to live behind a residue, it would be good applying it on damp hair and waiting for around ten minutes before applying shampoo and conditioner. The homemade conditioner mask can fill the strands with fatty acids and help faster and natural hair growth. This will give great protection to the hairs naturally.

Heat Damage and Effect on Hair Growth

For hair management, people use various hot tools like hair straighteners, chemical relaxers, and curling wands among others. They can cause a lot of damages preventing faster hair growth. Therefore, it is advisable either dispensing with their uses or using heat protector while using such tools.

Avoid Bleaching Hair Regularly

Bleaching the hair results in opening up the hair strands and their cuticles causing substantial damages to hairs and the effect is significant on dark hairs. Coloring and chemically treating hair can result in breaking and trimming the hair instead of supporting its growth. The gist of all these is that hair has to be healthy for longer growth and bleaching or dyeing can adversely affect natural health of hair preventing faster hair growth.

Hair Needs Maintenance for Faster Growth

There are certain steps that are essential for proper maintenance of hair health. Only with proper maintenance the hair can be healthy and grow at faster rates. Some of the steps are as follows.

  • Brushing or combing is important to maintain hair health but one should avoid aggressive use of these processes to prevent damages to hairs. It would be good for avoiding brushing or combing when hair is wet.
  • Detangling wet hair should start from the bottom and should go up slowly. Else it can push small tangles into one large knot and can cause a lot of hair loss. The natural boar-bristle brush is ideal for hair maintenance as it can help natural and gradual distribution of the hair oil around the scalp.
  • Instead of using cotton pillowcase while sleeping it is better using a silk or satin pillowcase with the softer surface to prevent rising up with matted hairs and tangles. The softer surface helps prevent hair frictions, unlike their cotton counterpart.
  • Avoid super flush bath towels that are bad for hair growth as the hairs get caught in the woven fibers and get damaged. Instead; using a microfiber hair towel would be the better option for the user. Similarly, one needs to avoid hair ties for the reason that it breaks the hair at the point of tension.
  • Not using to use the ponytail or topknot in the same place on a daily basis can result in breaking of hair strand over the passage of time. On the other hand; tying them evenly at the same place daily helps hair growth with stronger undamaged hair.


Wearing your ponytail or topknot in the same place on your head every day causes your hair to break over time from the constant tension. Frequently changing your pony or bun placement is an easy move that can help maintain the strength of your strands, which means they’ll continue to grow out strong and damage-free.


A Few Steps for Healthy and Faster Hair Growth

Taking a few steps can help faster and healthy hair growth as follows.

  • Continuing a healthy and balanced diet plan;
  • Giving a massage to the scalp;
  • Do not trim hair regularly;
  • Do not wash or brush the hair regularly;
  • Try to lower the stress levels;
  • Switch from cotton to satin or silk pillow;
  • Use hair growth supplements;
  • Use home remedies for hair growth;
  • Use ayurvedic remedies for faster hair growth;
  • Use only natural hair packs;
  • Avoid towel wrap; and
  • Get hot oil massage.

Home Remedies for Faster Hair Growth

Like most other anatomic problems there are some effective home remedies that can help in faster hair growth healthily and naturally.

  1. Amla Shikakai Powder Compound

Creating a smooth paste of 2 teaspoons of amla and shikakai powders each with a little water and applying it on the scalp leaving the paste to work for around 45 minutes can work wonders with the process of healthy and faster hair growth. This can be followed once a week regularly. It will keep hair strands clean and prevent their breaking or splitting unwontedly.

  1. Coconut Oil Amla Powder Mix

Heating about two teaspoons of coconut oil till it burns down and adding one teaspoon amla powder and cooling the mixture to massage on the scalp expedites healthy hair growth. Waiting for around 10 g down with mild shampoo can help the process of cleaning the hair strands. The method can be used twice a week.


  1. Home Remedies containing Amla

Amla is the common ingredient in both types of home remedies for faster hair growth. Amla is a rich source of healthy fatty acids that strengthen the hair follicles. It also helps premature graying of hair is rich in vitamin C.  In addition; amla contains iron and antioxidants like gallic acid, ellagic, as well as carotene that improves blood circulation around the scalp stimulating hair growth.

  1. Home Remedies with Essential Oils

Home remedies for healthy hair growth must include essential oils as they are extremely beneficial for hair health and growth. One of them is rosemary and lavender oil mixture with two teaspoons of heated olive oil and half a piece of avocado with a little addition of honey and egg can work very well for faster hair growth. The mixture should be applied on the scalp and keep for 45 minutes before washing or shampooing. This can be used twice a week. Rosemary contains anti-inflammatory agent Carnosol that balances hormones in the anatomy and boosts follicle growth. It also prevents hair fall. Lavender contains Linalool and Linalyl acetate that strengthens roots of hairs and follicles and thus effectively promotes faster hair growth.


  1. Jojoba Oil for Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalp prevents healthy and faster hair growth and massaging jojoba oil can help with improved blood circulation in the scalp preventing itching. The oil can also be used as a conditioner after shampooing. Else; one can use the combination of jojoba oil, egg yolk, and a teaspoon of honey and apply on the scalp and wait for around 45 minutes before washing off. Jojoba oil is very effective in treating dry hair and its rich anti-fungal properties help in getting rid of dead skin layers on the scalp and getting rid of dandruff and dirt as well. It is rich in Omega 6 ad 9 fatty acids and Vitamin E fighting harmful radicals damaging the hair.

  1. Juniper and Almond oil Mixture

Mixing 4-5 drops of juniper oil and a little bit of almond oil and applying them on the scalp can effectively prevent dandruff growth and invasion and thus helps in faster hair growth. The home remedy should be used for at least two weeks. Juniper oil has astringent properties and renders the roots of hair stronger helping in hair growth. In addition; it also prevents acne growth on the scalp. Its antiseptic properties prevent bacteria from creating acne on the scalp.

  1. Home Remedies with Coconut Oil

To get rid of dandruff the mixture of two teaspoons of coconut oil with half a lemon and a little honey is very effective.  For preventing hair fall; a mixture of coconut oil and ripe banana works very well. For damaged hair; a mixture of an egg with a teaspoon of honey and coconut oil is the best home remedy. Mixture of coconut, almond, argan oils, and yogurt is a great mask for improving the luster of dull hairs. Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, capric, and lauric acid and has anti-fungal properties preventing free radicals from limiting hair growth.

Top Ayurvedic Supplements for Hair Growth

Ayurveda offers a host of remedies for all sorts of anatomic problems and hair fall and faster hair growth are no exceptions to the common features. A whole lot of natural treatments are available for hair growth faster in Ayurveda. Below are provided the top ayurvedic supplements and medications that help faster and healthy hair growth.

  1. Bhringraja (Eclipta Prostrata)

It is an herb that is known as the king of hair for its immensely beneficial impacts in hair growth. The herb and medicines and supplements developed using the herb can reverse baldness effectively. A couple of ways of using the herb is applying oil made using it or using the paste of leaves. Some dried leaves mixed with water can also be applied for strengthening the hair. However, the oil prepared by a reliable and reputable ayurvedic pharmacy is the most popular in the users’ circles.

  1. Amla (Indian gooseberry)

Very rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, amla is the basic ingredient of a number of ayurvedic medicines and supplements. It is available in the form of juice, capsules, powder, and oil. Its properties help healthy hair growth and keep the hair healthy and shiny. Amla powder is often used with henna and yogurt as a hair conditioner. However, the amla juice prepared by leading ayurvedic medicines and supplements suppliers is most popular in the market.

  1. Neem Based on Ayurvedic Medicines and Supplements

From ancient times neem has been a very important ingredient in ayurvedic medicines for skin problems and hair fall. The products like oil, juice, powder, tablets, capsules, and pastes are well established as a perfect solution in Ayurveda for healthy and faster hair growth. Using neem in any form helps purify the blood and improve blood circulation to the scalp fighting lice, eczema, and dryness of hair and dandruff. One can use neem internally as juice, powder, tablet, or capsule, or apply externally as a paste.

  1. Ritha (soap nuts) Based Ayurvedic Medicines and Supplements

Since time immemorial ritha or the soap nuts has been used as a natural shampoo in Ayurveda. This is a natural and herbal ingredient and is used to prepare ayurvedic soaps and hair washes. These ayurvedic supplements made with ritha do not rob the hair and scalp of natural oil like their synthetic counterparts. Since ritha does not contain harsh elements like synthetics and chemicals, the products made in Ayurveda like soaps and shampoos are safe for prolonged use and helps in faster hair growth.

  1. Shikakai Based on Ayurvedic Medicines and Supplements

Shikakai is used to prepare ayurvedic shampoo for hair as it strengthens hair, prevents hair fall and dandruff, and promotes faster hair growth. It is also safe using shikakai products manufactured by the reliable ayurvedic pharmacy as it does not dry out the natural oil in hair and the scalp of the user.


The bottom line of all these is that faster hair growth is possible but cannot be achieved overnight. Instead; the aspirant has to act with patience and endurance. Following a healthy lifestyle and using a balanced diet plan is mandatory. In addition; there are certain home remedies that can prevent hair fall and ensure hair growth. Medications and supplements can also help but the experience of users of synthetic and chemical products are not very encouraging in this regard. They also often have various side effects. The best solution for natural, healthy, and faster hair growth is provided by Ayurveda that has an answer for all such problems. The ayurvedic medications and supplements are 100% natural and have no side effects. The only necessity for end-user is to find a reliable and reputable provider of genuine ayurvedic medications and supplements at reasonable prices.



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