Kimchi Recipe – Perfect Probiotic Food

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Term Probiotic is catching up fast. And you will hear the general advice of adding probiotic drinks or food with every meal or at least once a day.  Won’t it be better if we know just one easy food recipe that does all and offers taste too?

Kimchi is a Korean recipe which is more like a classy version of the salad. Kimchi is made by fermentation which actually leads to the building of pr0biotic bacteria’s in the food. The sweet and sour taste of kimchi is worth making it. Here is a quick recipe for homemade kimchi.

  1. Prepare Vegetables

Get one big head of cabbage. Cut it into quarters and remove the core. Now cut in into 1 – 2-inch square pieces. Rub the cabbage pieces with salt and weigh it down with something heavy. This will lead to removing green odour and fizz from the cabbage. After half an hour washes the cabbage with water 3 times.

Now cut 3 carrots and 1 scallion in long stripes.

  1. Prepare paste/dressing

Mix one table spoon grated ginger, one table spoon grated garlic, one table spoon sugar, 2 – 3 table spoon Seafood flavours (optional) and 2 -3 table spoon of dried & crushed paprika (as per taste). Mix these ingredients well with the vegetables. Work on the mix unless vegetables are fully coated with the paste.

  1. Put in Jar for Fermentation

Fill the coated vegetables in a glass jar. Leave an inch or two space for the brine to cover. Close the lid tightly and leave the jar for at least a day or maximum up to a week. One can start eating kimchi after a day or wait for more time for flours to combine.


Here you go. Your homemade kimchi is ready for a tasty supper.


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